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Keep on Moving

Does this look like an exercise class to you?
To tell you the truth, this is a pretty accurate assessment of the class, lots of ladies talking, talking, talking. Don't get me wrong, I might be considered a world class talker, but for crying out loud, there is so much talk in the pool that hearing the instructor is all but impossible. Nevertheless, in the words of a woman I met at the church who turns 76 today, the most important thing is to "keep on moving", thus I continue going when I can.

The weather is most certainly not a deterrent because it is still blazing hot. Just because we always say that September, and even into October, are the worst months, does not make it any easier. Those massive thunderstorms we'd been having have, for the moment at least, stopped, so although inconvenient, they do help to cool things off. Now we are just stuck with the HOT sun and days with temperatures reaching into the mid 90's. Meanwhile, Mr. Peck has left for most of the week, on his way to Calgary where the temperature is anything but hot. How does more than a 60 degree temperature swing sound? Snow is expected on Tuesday! Imagine that.

One nice thing about this time of year is the blooming of the Golden Rain trees all over town.
Their bright yellow blooms are a nice contrast to our mostly green world. One day I went over for a walk in Cypress Grove Park off Hoffner, a place that I would occasionally take Baxter. Gosh he loved going there. He's been on my mind of late because someone on facebook recently liked a post and it turns out it was the one about our Baxter's last days. Apparently I am a glutton for punishment because I read the blog post and lived it all over again. :(

Which brings me to some news you've been waiting for and that is about Maureen. While in the hospital, they found no reason for her shortness of breath, but what they did observe is how difficult it is for her to walk which is why she is now in the same rehab facility she was in after breaking her hip. They are working with her for nearly three hours a day to strengthen her muscles. Having Parkinson's disease is not for the faint of heart my friends. What happens next is still up in the air.

Being back home and seeing our trees, I often wonder what people who are new to Florida think of the draping moss dangling from so many of our trees.
At our home, if I saw even a speck of it on one of our trees, I would snatch it off because once it takes hold it spreads from tree to tree, and although it does not hurt them, in some trees it sure does hide their beauty and structure as is the case with the Crepe Myrtles above. Sometimes, though, it can look attractive. I started to write pretty, but they may be a bit of a stretch.
Tuesday I had a hankering for a layer cake, not something that happens often, but the idea took hold and the result was this super chocolate cake using espresso powder for even more richness.
It must have been while taking this photograph that I noticed the date on the calendar, September 25th would have been our Mom's 93rd birthday. It is hard to believe that she has been gone for nearly 15 years, however, if I think about it, she died 30 days before my 50th birthday and #65 is looming! I took a big piece to Michelle, and the following day one to Maureen, leaving me with a bunch of cake to eat by myself. Fortunately, although Bruce has been dieting, he relented and ate a few pieces while he was home. He's traveling a bunch now because all four of his projects are happening, one week after another. After that, it won't be much longer until he retires, something he is very much looking forward to. But that goes without saying, doesn't it?

Every few days one of these little guys visits the feeder, keeping my hopes alive.
Thursday a fellow came from Stone Crazy to template our countertops.
Hopefully, in a few weeks time, we will have some new heat resistant countertops, something I've been accustomed to and have missed greatly since we've been back. Using this drawing,
and the template, made from this material,
the kitchen will take on a whole new look. As to the cabinets, I had the same fellow who painted David and Michelle's come to give me an estimate. Whoa Nelly--way more than I was thinking and for that matter, way more than he charged them. Not sure where I go next on this aspect of our project.

Here's Bruce drawing up our current sink measurements so I can find a new one. Square, one bowl, stainless, 60/40? Who knew there were so many considerations?
I really took this photo of Bruce because I was practicing using my portrait lens because later in the day I was to photograph our condo board members for the website. Currently there are blanks which I am only too happy to fill. The office is nearby so I next took my camera over there to find a suitable spot, enlisting one of the maintenance guys for a practice shot.
Can you tell he was uncomfortable having his photo made? I'm with him there as I'm a terrible subject! Susan is our board president, a former high school principle, she is cool as a cucumber running the show.
Friday afternoon we were to help set up for a church-wide indoor picnic, having invited Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church to join us.
Actually Bruce signed up to help, however, turns out he had a hair appointment, so I went in his stead. He joined in a little later, and before too long, all was ready. On our way home we stopped in to a restaurant we'd visited once, remembering it as pretty good. The food was very so-so at The Porch,
but this sign caught my eye on our way out. Friyay?
The macaroni salad and baked beans I'd made were totally unnecessary as there was enough food to feed the crowd three times over. And what delicious food it was. If you've not been to a church supper/lunch in a while you are missing quite the treat. And the folks were all good too.
Mac and cheese, green beans cooked the old fashioned way, cole slaw, corn on the cob, pulled pork and chicken, any type of salad you can think of, brownies, cupcakes, cherry and pumpkin pie, and the list goes on and on.
A wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Once we were home, it was time for some college football and laundry. The Florida State Seminoles may be hard to watch this season, and one is tempted to give up on them as was the case yesterday, however, somehow, someway, they came back for a win. By then B was dozing on the couch, so he missed seeing me jump up and down as if I were on a pogo stick, during the winning drive. My squeals of delight woke him, allowing him to enjoy the replay.

And now, I intend to keep on moving through Sunday....
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