Friday, November 9, 2018

What's Not in Bloom?

Whilst a volunteer at the Polasek Museum for many years, whenever I had spare moments, you would find me photographing the gardens. That doesn't surprise you in the least no doubt. Because I had so many shots they began a feature in their newsletter/website called, "What's in Bloom?, using my photographs. So, I wore two hats, one as a receptionist, and one as their resident photographer. While riding around in the last week or so, it came to me that now that the weather has mostly cooled off, we have a whole new group of flowering trees and plants that are very happy, prompting the thought, what's not in bloom?, because there is a whole heck of a lot going on in the plant world.
Before we take a tour of what's blooming, we have some happenings to discuss, including a nice little walk to the polling place on Michigan. Apparently 46% of our precinct voted early, but we are old school, preferring to vote on Election Day with our neighbors.
Bruce, as you see, brought along his filled out ballot that he spent a good deal of time preparing beforehand. We were there and back within about thirty minutes. By the end of the day, I wanted to throw my phone at the wall after receiving so many texts about voting. For crying out loud, leave me alone, I've voted in every single election since I was able! Enough already!

The crown/filling went as well as could be expected, taking far longer than I'd remembered. Tuesday I was a satisfied patient. Thursday night, not so much when the temporary came off in my mouth. Although they were closed today, I managed to have it reinstalled, and am hoping this one will last more than two days.

Late yesterday afternoon, say around 5ish, I saw the otters again. Unprepared, because I was merely looking at the wonderful reflections on the lake, most especially the blue house that was recently painted, I have no photographic evidence. Take my word for it, okay?
Small as it may be, the lake still provides endless entertainment. Who doesn't love a mirror image? 
The above shot of the canal is taken by the big lake and I love this one as well, because the light is so interesting, but the grandaddy of my reflection photographs in this post is this one that I took of the sunrise the other morning. Lord have mercy, the sky was on fire!
Fascinating to see how shots taken at different times of the day, can look so wildly different. Thus, the constant entertainment value for this gal. What makes it all the better is that it has come as such a surprise. Never did I imagine that this would be a part of our condo experience! You gotta love good surprises, right?

Bougainvillea, with their, what some might term, garish display of color, are blooming all over the city.
Some sort of orange plant?
The Orchid trees are just beginning to flower,
as are the African Iris.
The Crinum Lillies, scattered throughout the complex, are either flowering, or about to do so.
 Here's a cute little patch of mushrooms I discovered.
And while we are on the subject of plant life, recently the 5:00 gang at the pool, told me about a florist on Grant Street that was worth checking out. While at Target, replacing my kettle that died, I drove down said street and found the place just across Division Street. Although they are wholesale, they sell to the public at purported reasonable prices. I'm no expert, so I can't be certain about that. What I was certain about was buying an orchid to replace the one that I had to leave in Vancouver because it was too delicate to transport. Perhaps you recall Matt and Tom sent it to us, two weeks after we arrived for our wedding anniversary? On its second blooming, it was painful indeed leaving it behind. Instead of white, this time around I bought this deep purple color. Not really purple, but that is the best description I can come up with.
Furthermore, they had a tray of succulents for only $2.00 each which delighted me as I am joining the succulent bandwagon of late, having purchased this super cool one some weeks ago.
As you know I am such a fan of all things retro so when I found these little planters I could not resist, in spite of having nothing to put in them. Now I do.
Left with one more tiny succulent, for now I'm using an egg cup from London as a holder.
It has been an expensive week in the Peck household, what with my portion of the crown and Bruce's care needing work done to the tune of $2,200. After dropping him off at the dealership yesterday afternoon, because I was in Winter Park, I decided to pay a visit to the newly opened Sprouts that filled the old Whole Foods space. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, they are a part of the new wave of grocery stores coming to town. Just prior to reading about them in our newspaper, Carol said she shops there in Los Angeles and thinks highly of their product lines. Here's the outside....
and here's what it looks like inside.
Apparently known for bulk foods and produce, I bought something in each category to check it out. Not that I will be going there very often as it is seriously out of our way. Brussel sprouts were excellent, however, Bruce and I are of differing opinions regarding the pistachios. In my humble opinion, all of the newcomers will be hard pressed to knock off Publix as the best overall place to purchase groceries. Then again, what do I know?

Driving home from the temporary crown replacement, I drove through the peacock neighborhood, wondering how big the male's tail feathers have gotten. My word, there are a lot of peacocks on those couple of blocks.
Definitely not my best parking job, I pretty much stopped instantly when I saw two males with their tale feathers, such as they are, held high.
The female completely ignored the males trying to get her attention. It was somewhat like how old age places are, lots and lots of women, and very few men. In this instance, I counted two males and 15 females!!
In the coming months it will be fun to check in on then now and again, and we will watch this amazing phenomenon together. Unless you tell me otherwise, that will be our plan. 

Finally, when next we meet, the kitchen will have a new countertop. At least that is what they tell me.

your friend,


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