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When you don't work, or if you're like me, a student off for most of the summer, days often start off as unplanned--things just unfold. Today was one of those days. I decided to go through my Picassa and get a bit more organized. I had 500 flower pictures in one folder, some good--some not so good. I went through the whole thing and sorted them by color, although I do have a separate one just for roses. The vast majority of my early flowers were taken in people's yards--I would just scout for color, stop the MINI, and shoot. I did this regardless of the lighting which I knew very little about. I still don't know much, but I am certainly more cognizant of the sun and how it can distort the color of a flower. I managed to ditch about half of them.

As well, when I woke up I had not scheduled a tree trimming, but as you can see, that is what happened. A week or so ago, a long limb fell down from one of our 60 feet pine trees landing squarely in what I affectionately call the jungle. I was hoping our yard guy would have taken it on Friday, however, no dice. My neighbor across the street was having some trees cleaned up and I went over and asked if they could take the branch for me. After agreeing, he suggested that he should cut off the part that didn't break, which seemed like a good idea to me. I then realized what a good time it was to have some work done on our live oak. We lost a huge amount of the tree during Hurricane Charley; Bruce was concerned that it was off balance. The tree trimmer agreed, and they cut off a huge limb that hung over the house. As well, he cleaned out the wound that remained from the missing limb--I use that term loosely--it filled half of our backyard when it fell, it was so huge. I don't know about you, but when I think limb I usually don't think huge.

My professor has reiterated the importance of practicing photography--with me, he is preaching to the choir. I took tons of pictures today--at present, I am hooked on the sunset. Uncharacteristically, tonight we had some clouds, and I knew they would present a whole different look to the sky. Our little Baxter was a sweetie as we waited lakeside for the sun to drop. I wasn't able to capture it, but my neighbor Mr. Sims had told me about an owl that resides in one of his trees. Alas, it flew right over my head; bummer, I wasn't quick enough--something else for me to obsess over!

I'm still feeling much improved especially if I keep moving. It seems as if when I sit for too long my body slows down and it's a challenge to rev it up again. I still can't seem to be rid of the retching, especially when I'm talking to someone--great, huh? Jonathan called when I was coming home from a few errands and of course, it came on. He says--"do you need to pull over?"
Oh no honey, I'm used to it by now--it's been nearly a year!

I got a call from the internship department at Valencia around 7 tonight asking if I was still interested. I told her I still had no resume, thus, I haven't gotten back with them. I'm going to go to campus tomorrow and get some help in the career center. If I do an internship it will give me a chance to see what some other workplace is like. I'll keep you posted.
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