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Family Time

Oh my goodness it was a busy weekend.

Friday night we stayed home and chilled with comfort food--mac and cheese. Bedtime was 8:40!!!

Saturday Maureen stopped by after Bruce went to his office wanting to know if I would go to Bloomingdales with her. After a moments hesitation I agreed. Turns out we shopped like crazy. You would never guess there was a recession going on with the shopping we did. Reality check--we hit the 50% off sale price racks for the most part. We both decided we had gone plum crazy. It was super fun actually--have you ever heard of me doing such a thing? No, you haven't.

Mr. Roger came to the house after the shopping spree to help me take inventory of my prints. As you well know he has been imploring me to use this spreadsheet he's made but I'm helpless with that kind of thing. Later that night I received an e-mail with my statistics. By that I mean what I've sold the most in what size and so on. Actually we stopped by his house later because I RUINED my new canvas of the orange and white daisies!!! I was hunting for some pen that would show on the dark background only to drop silver ink in a blob on the canvas when I went to sign it. I yelled--"Brucer!!" By now you know that my darling Bruce can fix just about anything but this time it was impossible. I called Mr. Roger who said he would print another one and bring it to the market--which he did. Bruce took the old one off the stretcher bars and we dropped it by Roger's house which is in a neighborhood we frequent for dining. Actually we went to jr. high in that very same neighborhood. Back then it wasn't all that much but these days it is ultra trendy. Of course we like it being the 50 something trendsters that we are.

Sunday was an absolute zoo. We took our new display panels and I'm here to tell you it was WAY time consuming putting it together. Despite the fact that we left the house 40 minutes earlier we still were pressed to be set up by 10. It was down right nerve racking. Nonetheless, it looked pretty impressive if I do say so myself. I have Bruce to thank for it as he surprised me, buying it without my knowledge. David has warned me that my frugal nature needs to be tempered when starting a business.

Aside from the drama of the set up, the whole family convened at the market. You'll recognize most of us. Michelle is on the far left, yours truly next, Bruce, Carol, Lisa, and then Pat. Mr. Roger took this and met the whole clan. They were appreciative of what he's done for me. Ruth, Pat's sweet wife was there as well but preferred to take our picture rather than the other way around.

A childhood friend came by, an old co-worker I hadn't seen in twelve years, and our next door neighbor. None of these folks knew what I'd been up to aside from our neighbor. He's a single guy that is not home much. Early last year I'd told him I had gone camera crazy but he was shocked by what he saw. He owns a lighting company for movies and commercials. And then of course there were the regulars. Since I've now been there awhile I have folks that stop by nearly every week. These, of course, are not purchasers, just getting to be friends. Hold your horses--one of my flickr contacts came by to meet me. He lives in the panhandle and was visiting family. I'd made a bathroom run, returning I heard Bruce say here's Gail. It was very interesting. His wife was not interested in photography so she was quickly bored with the whole conversation. He retired from The Orlando Sentinel and moved to North Florida.

Carol's friends brought her back to Melbourne and Maureen dropped her off at the market. She was the impetus for the family gathering. It was a win-win situation. She helped us pack up and Maureen came over to the house for a dinner of leftovers--the aforementioned mac and cheese, b-b-que pork sandwiches, and coleslaw. We drank a little red wine and visited. I will tell you this much, Bruce and I were absolutely beat.

So that was the weekend. Tomorrow we'll catch up on today's happenings--they are noteworthy.

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