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So Many Choices....

I could have posted the story about gasoline going to $4.00 a gallon but the thought is too depressing.

Bruce's alarm went off very early this morning so he could get to the airport for his flight to Chicago. As such, I woke up as well but managed to go back to sleep until 5:30. Normally I don't wake up so early but I expect my two hour plus nap yesterday may have had something to do with it. At any rate I decided maybe I could shoot some pictures in the dark. I wanted to get the power plant at sunrise for Bruce because he is totally enamored with the structure.

Heading south east out of town was my strategy. Unfortunately it was a cloudy, foggy morning with no discernible sunrise. The fog wasn't even that good. I did however have some wildlife encounters. Not a one of these pictures are very good but it was exciting for me nonetheless. I wish I'd had Bruce with me because he would have easily told me those were deer out in the pasture. By the time I realized what I'd just seen, backed up and got out of the car they scattered quickly. I got the tail end of the action--no pun intended.

The llama was in a neighborhood if you can imagine. Many years ago a neighborhood was built in what seemed like very far away. Funny how when there is development the distance always seems less. That's where I found the llama--it is still fairly rural and obviously their rules must be pretty flexible. Actually there were three in a pretty good sized corral next door to the house. You can imagine my surprise. It was still quite early and the light was poor. Add to that the fact that they quickly became bored looking at me and moved around more than is optimal for photo shoots.

The eagle is way up in the tree. According to the wildlife ranger I chatted with the eagle nest had come down but they still hung out nearby. I drove the short distance down the road, looked out in the pasture at the dead tree and saw the unmistakable white head. Too bad it was so far away. By the time I got my tripod set up to use the digital zoom as well as the optical it flew away.

While driving away from that site I came across a wild turkey in the road. Pulling off to the side I did my best to get over there. Sensing my presence the turkey ducked through a fence into another pasture. There were actually about five wild turkeys. This was the best I could do.

The fact of the matter is that I don't like to go too many days without taking photographs. I get antsy thinking what I'm missing. The specter of high gasoline prices makes it a little challenging but since I never shop it all cancels out. No needless purchases in exchange for the excitement of discovering something new.

After lunch I delivered the prints to the professor in one of the new condo high rises. Talk about some wonderful art in the lobby. She ordered five b&w with her new building in the photos. Often while waiting for lights to change I'll pull out the camera if something catches my eye, thus I even had one of construction workers on her building which she loved. She assured me she would pass my name around the building.

Now it is time for me to read a book. Astute readers will realize it has been far too long since I've read a novel. That's my plan for tonight after posting.

Aren't computers the greatest invention of the century? Bruce called from an interstate in the Chicago area. I went to Google maps and guided him to Jonathan's house where he is as I type. Hurray. He did say it was mighty cold.
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