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It Takes Two

We've had to expand to both cars for the market these days. Bruce carries the bulk of it with the MINI used as an auxiliary vehicle for overflow. Fortunately it's only a little over two miles away. Saturday was taken up again with organization . Our garage was very messy. Most people have always been amazed at Bruce's tidiness there--it's usually neat as a pin, with a place for everything, and everything in its place. The business has not made this long standing philosophy easy.

The dining table looks only marginally better than when you saw it last, but I did manage to sell seventeen prints from the stacks. I ordered a huge amount in anticipation of the shows we'll be doing. The little Monday morning market started up again today, so there was another place for your favorite street vendor to peddle her wares. It's always interesting to meet the tourists. Today three prints went to Kent, England. There was a large contingent from Long Island. I puzzled about that on the drive home, wondering what you call Long Island--it's kinda weird that there are so many towns there--it's much larger than a county. Help me out will you?

Normally, when people ask me for a certain subject that I'm not showing, I offer to send them a web album of what I have. In this case it was a woman who was decorating a bar area in her home. I put one together about two weeks ago and didn't hear back. I thought, oh well, next time. She arrived at the booth yesterday asking did I forget her? This was yet another business lesson--I need to follow up in about a week to confirm they received it. It's nothing too taxing, but with 11,000 photos to scan through, it takes a bit of time. I know they should be better organized but.....

As well, I was told early on that when you think you have customers figured out, you are usually wrong. Yesterday a man whom I never dreamed was that interested in my stuff ordered a large (20 X 30) canvas print, leaving half down. It seems as though they were right, I never in a million years would have thought he'd order the daisy print, let alone, pull out a large wad of cash. Live and learn.

Jonathan and Alissa got to see the band currently playing on my iTunes--Super Furry Animals on Saturday night. They were early and got to meet the members. Jonathan has posted some really fun shots on flickr of the band and one of Alissa and I presume the lead singer. He tells me the wind chill factor was beyond belief but they pulled it off. I am still amazed at how terribly cold this winter has been. The winters Matt lived there were uncharacteristically(this is an astonishingly long word!) warm--how I wish this one had been so they could adapt easier. As it is, they feel they've made it this far they will do it. They've so enjoyed Chicago. I'm so proud that they both got good jobs and are making it work.

Bruce has left for most of the week. He'll be returning on Thursday night--not a moment too soon. Saturday morning I delivered my entry in the Third Thursday show at the gallery, the open house is Thursday night. Miss Gail lied when she sent out the invitation for the show this weekend--her health is declining.

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