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Leap Day

While eating breakfast today I saw a story about a performance artist leaping off City Hall 366 times today in honor of Leap Year. Apparently I did not read the article closely enough because it was a silly hoax if you ask me. He stood on this step stool and jumped into a big mattress or something behind the white fabric. He was on leap #188 when I arrived. I figured if I call myself Out & About Photography I might as well get out and about. As is usually the case, something else entirely different presents itself; I believe something else I took today may be no exception.

Yesterday the mail brought the sweetest note from Alissa's aunt. You may recall that Jonathan and Alissa traveled by bus to Iowa for Christmas. It had been five years since Alissa had last seen her aunt, yet they welcomed them warmly.I am ashamed to admit it took me entirely too long to write a thank you note to them for hosting Jonathan. I never expected to receive anything in return. She had so many wonderful things to say about Jonathan it brought tears to my eyes. E-mail is awesome, but there's nothing quite like a handwritten note to convey feelings.

Happily Bruce reported that Jonathan and Alissa look none the worse for wear after braving this horrible winter. In the note she mentioned how it has been an unusually cold, and snowy winter, which has given J & A a crash course in Mid-Western weather. Indeed, at last count it is the sixth snowiest winter on record. The good thing is, anything they encounter in the future will be much easier to deal with. If only they would get a little bit of our blue skies and sunshine.

I'm reading an article in The New Yorker about eating locally. Surprisingly, sometimes it is not the best for the environment which they acknowledge seems counter-intuitive. As with any issue it is much more complicated than it would seem. The whole idea has sparked farmer's markets in cities all over the country. As well, according to the article the term of the year for 2007 is "locavore." You may already know this, but it was news to me.

Instead of a date tonight I believe we will be staying home. Mr. Bruce is still trying to recover from last weekend and his hard week at work. Even he, who hardly ever mentions the weather, said it was incredibly cold in Chicago. From there he flew to Port St. Lucie on the Florida east coast about two plus hours south of here. Next he visited his job in Vero Beach arriving home last night after 7. He puts in some terribly long and tiring days. I'm afraid he will be disappointed with the movies I have here. Earlier in the week a trip to the library netted four foreign films which are usually my favorites. He, on the other hand would prefer to watch the action not read it. For a small city we have an awesome library. They will deliver books to your home for free at your request. As well, the number of DVDs in all genres is astonishing.

I'm caught up for the moment with my projects. Now I need to go through my photo library, purging before I fill up my new computer.

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