Monday, March 31, 2008

Just So You Know

I'm trying to catch up around the house after three days of nonstop action. I'll get back with you later.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

This is for the Better Days

My title was different until I realized that the song I'm listening to is perfect for today. I went to see my new doctor today; his name is Dr. David Smuckler. Isn't that such an unusual last name? At any rate, I believe I told you my internist abandoned ship for the rival hospital across town, thus when I called the office they said that Dr. Smuckler was taking over for Dr. Everett. I was only planning on meeting him as I'd been feeling so good but fortuitously it was scheduled six weeks ago for today. I was in there whining about no diagnosis as you can image. Well.....he was slightly sympathetic, not overly so, but it was a start. He told me he'd had two patients in the past who had normal MRIs and US of their abdomen but when they had a nuclear medicine study called a HIDA scan it showed a non-functioning gallbladder. It makes sense as the pain is right where my GB is. I'm not getting my hopes up or anything, but wouldn't that be something if we finally knew what was dogging me?

These roses are ironmen; I took this maybe yesterday and they are eleven days old now. The new plant vendor from the market is donating them to the Leukemia Society, they have set up a booth selling them for a dollar donation--well worth every penny.

Poor Mr. Bruce has been on the move all week. Monday: Vero, Tues/Wednesday: Chicago, Thursday: Vero, and when he returns tomorrow around 1:30 we will head to Deland to set up. Thank God he is an ironman! Tomorrow night is Spamalot!!!

I hope I sell a lot in Deland because Roger could use my business. As you know his 24 year old son has a weird cancer with exorbitant medical bills; this is not just about me.

Several days ago I went to the library and got three films I'd been wanting to see--Kite Runner, Atonement, and Hotel Rwanda. I've yet to watch Kite Runner(one of my all time favorite books), but I can say the other two are incredibly moving for different reasons. No one ever accused me of liking cheery films, or books, with good reason.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lucille has Passed

You'll remember darling Lucille from the assisted living photo session. I've just received an e-mail informing me of her passing last evening with a request for a full size picture of her; I knew you would want to know. I hope in some small way my photos of her will be a blessing to her family.

What I Really Meant to Post

In an effort to catch up I neglected to post what I was meaning to. I took this in the garage the other day. The framed photo was leaning against the work table when I came out and saw this scene, interpret as you will.

I also wanted to thank Matt for inadvertently reminding me of one of my favorite songs, Roseanne Cash's Runaway Train. Last week I was listening to his radio station on when I heard it. I've mentioned this great site before, indulge me while I praise it again. You type in either an artist, or a tag, the next thing you know you are not only hearing the artist you like, but others you either need reminding of, or are new to you. I've since typed in Roseanne Cash (I've yet to hear that song again--I will) and been treated to Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Allison Kraus and others. Good stuff.

Last night my darling Bruce got Chinese at Publix for us. My fortune was--you are never bitter, deceptive, or petty whatever that means. Bruce's was something along the lines of a financial investment will pay off in ways unexpected. I claimed it was a reference to our little business.

Our history center has an exhibition on classic toys right now. As such I am giving you all the answers in the Magic 8-Ball just so you know:

As I see it, yes
Ask again later
Better not tell you now
Cannot predict now
Concentrate and ask again
Don't count on it
It is certain
It is decidedly so
Most likely
My reply is no
My sources say no
Outlook good
Outlook not so good
Reply hazy, try again
Signs point to yes
Very doubtful
Without a doubt
You may rely on it.

More toy trivia later in the week.

Vim, Vigor, Vitality--Vanished!

For whatever reason when I'm not feeling good my voice also drops many octaves. Yesterday afternoon both Bill and Maureen heard that familiar tone so I suppose I could add voice to the above list. But I don't intend to stay this way! Yesterday the temperature was only 60, high humidity, and windy gusts. Not a winning combination in Florida. Northerners think it's just fine, to us wimpy Floridians it is cold! I'd worn a jacket to the little market but not heavy enough. Fortunately another vendor lent me a heavy jacket, while another one got a blanket and socks from her car. Nice, huh? Nonetheless, something about the cold just pierces me contributing to my downfall. Today is a new day with promise of recovery. We'll all been through this before with my mystery illness.

I've included my booth showing off the new banner Mr. Roger made for me. Fun isn't it? Those guys pictured were browsing my baskets for ideas to try out at home, a pretty typical occurrence. As you can see, I've got the canvases all over the place anticipating the show this coming weekend. It promises to be a pretty big hassle because we've got some fun activities scheduled around it, but hopefully it will be worth it.

Those activities are: "Spamalot", and Wrestlemania 24. Matthew and David bought tickets for Bruce for Christmas; I need not tell you who bought which. Friday night is Spamalot, Sunday evening is Wrestlemania. I'm not included in the Wrestlemania contingent (fortunately), but Spamalot should be great fun.

Our sister in law Judy has promised to help, as has Lisa. Lisa will bring the van on Sunday and we'll have to take it all down the best we can because Bruce needs to be in Orlando by 6:30. Let's hope that there won't be as much to take home as we brought! The show is in Deland, a small college town about thirty miles from here. If I feel better today I may drive up there to get a feel for the place. You may recall I shot the How Soon is Now? graffiti there by happy accident. It's now my third best selling photo behind a sunset and beach flowers. Something about that image appeals to all ages. Maybe because it's fun street art rather than angry?

After the market on Sunday we met with some of our managers friends for a birthday celebration. Susan, the birthday girl, works in PR for Universal Studios and is in charge of this weeks The Ellen DeGeneres show being filmed there. Apparently, according to Susan, Ellen is a delightful woman when not performing. (Celebrity News II--one of the men that stopped by the booth is a videographer for the Mary J. Blige/ Jay-Z tour that was here last night--more praise for a star(MJB) from him)

We also popped up to Maria and Dominic's condo on the sixth floor for a glass of wine. I took this Easter sunset from their balcony. She is the designer of the condo staging, talk about delightful.... They met through a dating service called "Let's Do Lunch" several years ago. Did I already tell you the story of how they met for that fateful lunch at a Bahama Breeze built by Bruce about (?) eight years ago? Small world huh?

Friday, March 21, 2008

What's Next?

Scary Business

Hi Friends

My absence has not been because I'm feeling poorly, au contraire mon amis, I'm feeling downright perky! No, for some reason, every time I tried to blog my computer went into the spinning beach ball mode. I would force it to quit, try again, and same result. However, I'm back. Today is one of the most beautiful days anyone could wish for. White puffy clouds against the most gorgeous blue sky with temperatures in the mid 70's. The lawn is mowed, the pool is clean, as is the carpet.

I'm posting a picture that Michelle took of me over at their house on Wednesday. I went over there before the condo thing for a makeup session. Isn't that what family is for? The handbag is from a few years ago, and what with yellow being the HOT color for spring, I pulled it out. It's one of those beautiful Italian bags that one sometimes finds at ridiculously low prices at Marshalls. If you don't shop there you should. Have I told you the cute nicknames a patient told me for Marshalls, and TJMaxx? Nieman Marshalls and TJSaxx. Try it out on your friends, they will like it.

Speaking of patients, two of the women at the open house were former patients of mine. I believe I was giving my standard line about always being a photographer just used bigger equipment, when both of them almost together said, "That's why you look so familiar!" Turns out one of them I even did a biopsy on which found very early stage breast cancer. She's doing beautifully.

Yesterday afternoon one of the doctors I worked with called to chat. I was saddened to hear that one of the doctors in the group died earlier this month. He was the very definition of a gentleman, not as old as I am, and the father of two children. Several years ago he'd had heart surgery, but made a comeback; it took me by surprise. I usually look at the obituaries, which my friend Amaya thinks is weird, but at my age you know people who die. Just last week another radiologist I worked with earlier in my career died. It is an unfortunate part of getting older.

The second picture is of David. Now the other day I wrote about David having to live through the current economic turmoils. Although it must be terribly difficult to keep clients happy (Dave takes it personally when client investments go down), he continues to be upbeat. If I was posting this to flickr I'd call it King of Bling. Obviously this must be taken within the context of our family. He's sitting in his 280Z (one of two), sporting Gucci shades, sandals, and his new watch. You don't feel so bad for him now do you? Actually, he handles his wealth well, no debt, and more in savings then several of us put together. And did I mention he's a sweetie?

The painting is done, and the upholsterer came by with the designers today to pick up the chair. Originally I was going to use the one from our bedroom and buy a new chair for that space. I've not told you yet that it is Baxter's sleeping spot at night. Bruce was not crazy about me disrupting Baxter's routine, thus he wanted me to find another chair for the living room. While at the bank the other day I was getting in the car, realized that the thrift store was a block away. It's pretty grungy, but in the past I've picked up a chair there for $5 which immediately went to the upholsterer. The thing is, our house is smallish, and needs smallish furniture which is not the prevailing style. Most chairs are huge; I'm not. So, I go in, and the place is packed with bargain shoppers. Turns out on Wednesday they have a sale which draws throngs (who knew?). My first pass showed nothing, I then decided to head in another direction and what should I find, but a club chair in EXCELLENT condition (dirty, wrong color but that's ok), for, if you can believe this, $3.95!! When Ben, the upholsterer, picked it up he confirmed what I'd thought--high quality furniture for low quality price. They had two of them, but one was a challenge in the MINI. I'm only sorry I didn't photograph it to show you that I'm not exaggerating.

Ok, so you're probably bored by now aren't you? Enough already Gail

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

A Speech Called Hope
Thank you Sarah for pointing out Barak Obama's magnificent speech. I'm thinking it was before I started this blog that I took a Comp II class called "The Blues as Literature". Although I despised the professor (a subject for another day), I loved the material. Actually, most of it was self-taught as he did little teaching, consequently, I was free to research as much as I liked. I wrote about six papers around that theme which opened my eyes anew to racial injustice. Not only slavery, but lynching, sharecropping, Jim Crow laws, segregation, poverty, welfare, and the breakdown of African American families. The unfairness of it all made me weep as did Mr. Obama's speech.

Yet, he spoke of hope. Sarah imagined rightly so that I'm a Republican. That said, I'm not sold on all the party stands for, abortion comes to mind. Primarily the notion of less governmental interference in daily life is what appeals to me. My contention is that the bureaucracy has gotten so large as to be out of control. The truth of the matter is that if BA is the Democratic nominee, I intend to vote for him.

Bruce and I have gone round, and round regarding the president's role and influence. One of the other classes I took the same semester as mentioned above was US Government. I learned that the publics perception of the duties of the president are not well understood. Generally, when thinking about government, underestimating the influence of the Congress, as well as the Supreme Court, is more typical than not. What I'm looking for in a president is someone whose ideals match closely with my own.

While I was working woman would tell me that they wanted to go to a woman doctor. I repeatedly told them that gender was not a good basis for choosing a doctor. I feel the same about politicians; what matters most is their abilities. Hillary Clinton is the perfect example of this mis-guided (according to me!)thinking. Repeatedly she claims to have 35 years experience which is completely inaccurate. She has been the wife of a politician, but she's held office for only 7 years, six if you count the fact that she's spent the last year campaigning. (I wonder what other group of workers could get away with essentially being away from their job for over a year, all the while receiving a paycheck?) There may come a time when a woman is the most eloquent, inspiring, and accomplished candidate but this election year in my opinion the woman is not it. Let's give the country hope for the future, not revisit the past with the Clintons.

With that in mind I'm posting a sure sign of hope--a peach blossom from a neighbor's yard. Spring, the season of new beginnings in the natural world is in full swing around here, let's hope some of it rubs off on the political process.
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Monday, March 17, 2008


"These are the times that try men's souls." Thomas Paine's words from The American Crisis unfortunately seem appropriate now. Our country seems to have lost its' moorings, temporarily, we hope.

I was thinking that Jonathan will be able to tell his children, and anyone who will listen, in the future about moving to Chicago and surviving one of the coldest, snowiest, winters in recorded history. I've told the story about living in California for only one year--sadly, the year of constant daily rain from January to May. I imagine if we'd had the normal California winter weather we might have stuck it out. But then, there's never any point in wondering what might have been is there?

David, similarly, is living through one of the worst financial crises ever. I would not want to be in his shoes these days. He's told me he wishes that his predictions had been wrong, in fact, he'd give anything if he'd been proven a pessimist. The truth is that he's been talking about how bad it's going to get for well over a year. He loves to use baseball metaphors when he's talking finance. He told us around Christmas we were in probably only the second inning.

I hate to be someone who puts their head in the sand, but my goodness, what else can a person do? Listening to the news is like getting hit on the head with a sledgehammer. Bruce has gotten hooked on CNN. He's been following the election like a hawk.

Speaking of the election, when did the word disenfranchised become so popular. It kinda reminds me of the weatherman when we had all those hurricanes three years ago. They kept repeating that we had to "hunker" down which drove me bonkers. It's just one of those words I'd virtually never heard in the past but now I hear it daily. Aside from using it to describe primary mess in Florida and Michigan, I heard it this morning describing the Sunnis in Iraq. Has it always been used so frequently and I never paid attention to it?

Lot's of fussing today, you would think I was cranky wouldn't you?

Not really, but it can be depressing if you think to hard about it all. Best to just go on with one's life, loving your family, doing your work, and being kind to all you meet. People all over need a little cheer in their life, it's up to us to provide it if possible.

Lastly the market wasn't as good to me as last week but I'm not complaining.

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Friday, March 14, 2008


Today's photo is from a trip to the country. Eustis is a small town about 50 miles from here with a beautiful lake front as the centerpiece of downtown. Maureen told me about an herb farm there that was worth a trip. It had been far too long since I'd taken a field trip. This was not on my agenda but just as I was coming up on the turn to the farm there it was. The owner of the farm explained that when the horses are going clockwise it is for exercise--counterclockwise is for racing, thus you see them going opposite directions. Beautiful horses and a beautiful day.

After nearly spending all of Wednesday cataloguing my inventory, I delivered the canvas to Mike. Earlier in the morning the phone rang about 9AM. On the line was Janet, the woman who was part of a couple with Mike at the market. She explained that Ian (her husband) wanted to buy the canvas for Mike for a house warming gift. Was there a way to make it happen? I told her because I use a virtual terminal with PayPal she could give me her credit card number and it would be a done deal. It was all very exciting to be a part of; after buying a small card, I put his cash deposit in the envelope. I told him I wanted him to open this card--naturally, he was thinking it was from me. You've already pictured how shocked, and thrilled, he was with their generosity haven't you? Here's where the connection comes in. Ian is the CEO of Smokey Bones, the restaurant chain that Darden sold last year!! She had told me they had moved here only a few months ago but didn't say why. When I asked Mike what he did he said he was Operations Manager for Smokey Bones. I got quite a kick out of that. Bruce built the flagship of the Smokey Bones chain some years ago.

Speaking of Bruce, he woke me up this morning (very early, thus the time of this post), asking if I'd go to Vero Beach with him today. He's been so busy and working so much he thought we could use the time to chat. I've agreed to go. Sounds like he had to twist my arm doesn't it. I don't mean it like that but I was going to finish the painting today. Yesterday afternoon I got the big wall done and it's looking very nice. I'll get to it later.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Joy of a Second Act

This Modern Love

I borrowed the title of today's post from an article written by Frank McCourt, of Angela's Ashes fame. If anyone should be thrilled with his second act it is surely Frank. I'm enjoying my second act as well.

The picture is of the wetlands park again. Today on my to do list was a delivery of a picture to my brother Pat at his office. He works for the Environmental Protection Agency with the state of Florida. He particularly liked a picture I posted maybe two weeks ago of a great blue heron in the algae covered water at the urban wetlands park I've been visiting. The picture today is from about a week ago--I thought it was so amazing seeing the duck swimming along in the water and the bird's shadow that is flying over. While there he introduced me to Steve, a biologist who looked at the photo and determined it is a type of algae called duck weed so this picture seems a bit appropriate huh? He explained that the water there is nutritionally rich so the algae spreads quickly once it takes hold. As well talapia (algae eating fish) are plentiful in the waters there and should clean it up before too long. It is a nice place to walk Baxter so I'll be watching to see if the talapia do their job.

I needed a two hour nap yesterday afternoon, as well as a long night's sleep, but I'm back and busy now. I took care of some errands today, also just got off the phone with the carpet cleaning guy. Bruce was ready to kill me if I didn't schedule it, like everything else that requires maintenance (hair, nails, etc.), I kept putting it off in lieu of you know what.

I was going to paint this afternoon but realized the paint pan and rollers are missing. Could they still be over at Bills from when we were helping him with his place?

If anyone knows what a good cleaner is for a white pad keyboard please come forward. Amazing how gross they become with use.

It's always an adjustment to get used to a time change isn't it?

Bruce has gone first to Virginia and then on to Chicago. Actually his job is in a suburb of Chicago, about thirty minutes from downtown. Next time he meets with J & A that will be the place to hook up because they both work in the Loop. Of all things it is getting into the mid 40's in Chicago today--yeah for better weather.

Do you suppose the governor of New York spent as much on his wife's Valentine gift as he did on his own? Maybe he and his wife should have read this article from The Times, published quite awhile back. It was on the list of top ten e-mailed articles for nearly two months. Very insightful.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sewing is the New Knitting

A story in the paper last week proclaiming that sewing is the new knitting--thus it won't be long before something else replaces it with the trendsters. I've mentioned in the past that my sewing machine was up and in use for at least twenty five years before it became too expensive to sew. Thinking about paying $12 for a pattern is unbelievable to me.

I am happy to report that the market was very good to me yesterday. You may have noticed when I pictured the booth two weeks ago that I've been doing some water abstracts of late. I usually don't post them because I think they have to be viewed in person rather than on a computer to be appreciated. Sunday I had a new one that was very colorful, apparently I wasn't the only one to like it. As I write this I realize it is the most expensive piece I've ever sold. If you can believe it, as I was taking it off the wall, another man came up and said he had to have it. My hands were shaking as I was doing the transaction for the ladies who were taking it home. I then got his name, number, and deposit. Wow--I was absolutely stunned. Mr. Roger prints them on canvas for me with a gallery wrap which apparently is becoming more popular. I'm a little bit of a traditionalist and still appreciate a frame, but it turns out lots of folks are happy to see only the artwork minus a frame.

I had encouraged Bruce to go home for a while to relax before his hard work week so he was not there to share in the excitement. I got my cellphone out to call Roger to find out a time frame for delivery for the other customer; I was so busy I was not able to call Bruce. Kathy, the plant vendor next to us, went running up to Bruce to share the good news upon his return. To tell you the truth, I'm still in shock.

I believe I mentioned last week about the long lost friends whose children I babysat coming by our booth. Yesterday they arrived with most of the grown children in tow. As the daughter was browsing through my bin she came across a picture I have taken through the car windshield with rain on it. Bruce was driving on a busy road with the sun setting on a stormy day. I call the photo "Film Noir." As the young lady was looking at it, she said,"I realize why you look so familiar--you were in my film class!" Ironic huh? She remarked that she sat in the back, and as you've already guessed I sat in the front row. Kindly, she said that she always read my posts on the discussion pages wishing she'd said what I had. If only she was my age she would have my experience to use when writing.

After our busy day yesterday, and the little market today, I'm tired (surprise, surprise!), but I wanted to tell you one other opportunity that has come my way. The designer who bought an abstract from me back in the fall had contacted me about working with her on a condo staging at one of the new high rises about a block from the market. She showed up yesterday when we were closing. After we packed up I went to the condo to consult with her on how we could use my photography in the staging. There is a reception planned for next week for about 75 people so we have to work fast.

When we began the market (almost a year ago!) Bruce was hoping that we could provide art work for the walls of all the new condos, of course the real estate meltdown has for the most part squelched that. Not entirely it turns out. This afternoon we planned out each room. Fortunately she picked out things which I believe will sell, if not there, at least at one of our upcoming art shows.

Did I mention that it is not only challenging but exciting to be a business owner?

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

Much Maligned

Here's a picture of a glass sculpture in front of City Hall which has enjoyed much criticism over the years. I took this last week and e-mailed it to a friend who is a newspaper columnist at our paper. He abhors the sculpture but responded by saying I almost made it look nice.

Bruce is finally home with another Friday night passing without our customary date. He has been working so hard that he's just exhausted. To tell you the truth I'd just as soon cook at home. Whenever we go out to eat I'm almost always stymied by the choices and usually order something at the last minute. Frequently I'm disappointed with my choice. That said I do like to be out and about enjoying the ambiance at various hot spots around town. Maybe tomorrow night.

Today I took Bruce's dental cleaning appointment because he had to drive down to Vero Beach early. After I returned I called Trish (Mr. Roger's wife) and convinced her to brave our stormy weather and go to IKEA. She'd never been and I promised her I'd take her. The day was so gloomy but I told her there was enough silly stuff at IKEA to make her smile. The first trip to IKEA is always overwhelming; we managed to leave there with only cinnamon rolls for me.

Before she got to the house I received an e-mail from someone I met at the art show two weeks ago who is putting together activities for a convention in October. The upshot is if I am chosen I'll be PAID to show up and sell my photographs. I had completely forgotten our meeting until I heard from her I am embarrassed to say. Usually when someone discusses something like this with me at the market/show I respond to them within a day to keep communication going. I am thrilled she did not lose my card and hope it works out. I'll definitely keep you posted. Orlando is one of the prime convention destinations hosting large shows all the time. Many months ago someone suggested I try and hook up with some convention people which is another thing I'd forgotten until this reminder.

Congratulations to our son Bill! Last evening while driving to what he thought was a bank get together, he called me complaining bitterly about the traffic he was stuck in, among other things. I was optimistic, trying to convince him life was not so bad. About two hours later he called back to tell me the gathering was an awards ceremony and he was the recipient of "Rookie of the Year" award for Wachovia in Seminole County, the location of his branch. How about that? He is a hard worker; this is a wonderful recognition of his efforts. Aren't we lucky parents? Our children have turned out so well. I apologize if that sounds like bragging. Today people wait so long to have children hoping that they can provide them with all the advantages money can buy. We, on the other hand, started our family when we were 23. By the time I was 29 we had four children. I'm not saying that they couldn't have had more material things but somehow our provisions and love brought them to this place in life. I am so grateful for what they have become.

Thankfully Finster is improving slowly.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I've not mentioned that we have been working with some local interior designers about our living room. We have one big room with five openings making for a challenge when arranging furniture. I'd been trying to come up with a new scheme for some time as well as tackle the darkness in the room. It would seem impossible with all the windows and light coming in, but it is really too dark in there, possibly because the ceiling is wood. Unsuspecting I would be solving one of our problems, I pulled the couch back to watch a movie with Bruce (it used to be perpendicular to the fireplace)and it seemed to work. I then did the same with the other couch--not only a better way to watch the television, but it just seems larger.

So, the designers came and I'd already moved the couches. There are some problems remaining, like what to do about the coffee table. They suggested I get some small ones, but we are hesitant to get rid of the current one, not the least because it was so darn expensive. We considered reupholstering the sofas but have decided against it. Lightness will have to come from accessories. The rug will go, as will the pillows and lamps. James picked the new wall color; I like it, especially with the ceiling. I only got the one wall done today because I'm still puny, but it's a start. I haven't done anything to the house in so long that whatever price I pay will be worth it in the long run.

Painful as it will be for Bruce, two cabinets on the walls by the dining table will be retired. He built them especially for me years ago, but our tastes have changed since then. New dining room furniture is also a priority. We've had the current set since Matthew was one year old. I can still remember our excitement when we got it from Ethan Allen while living in California. We're still considering the one the designers picked out. I just realized the dining furniture is not pictured but trust me it is outdated. Because we host most large family gatherings, we'll still need something that can be expanded for company.

Yesterday afternoon it was very windy and I remembered I'd bought some little pinwheels from World Market last week. I stuck all ten in the ground trying to get a fun shot of them spinning. Inadvertently, I got the cutest picture of Baxter I think I've ever taken. He was sitting there watching me, wondering what the heck I was doing laying on my stomach in the grass. I believe his concern for me kept him still. He is such a little cutie--when I'm in a bad way he lays as close to the bed as he can.

Speaking of dogs, Dave and Michelle's pug, Fenster, has been very sick. Today they were supposed to be going to the Ritz Carlton in Jamaica for five days, however they decided to forgo it. The trip was a reward from Dave's employer for his excellent service. That said, because Fenster is 17 years old they were deeply concerned he might die while they were gone. He has pneumonia; he is responding slowly to medication, but it is still dicey. I'll keep you updated.

The pictures we took of Michelle have done their job--she's been getting shows. Mostly she stands in the booth at a convention looking pretty, chatting with the lookers, and passing out brochures. She is way smarter than this job requires, but the pay is excellent and there is lots of flexibility--two very good things.

Then there is the matter of facebook which we'll discuss tomorrow.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Sorry for sounding so grouchy yesterday. The truth of the matter is I shouldn't have even posted as I knew I was sinking. Bruce put me to bed at 7:30 last night and I slept until 6:30 this morning. When the pain hits me hard sometimes I just can't go on.

Earlier I'd made an appointment to have a mani/pedi which was WAY overdue. Sometimes I just let myself go but it was time to clean up a bit. I feel bad now because I barely spoke to the nice woman doing it. She knows me and knows I'm usually a chatter but again when I'm sinking I just shut down. I'm glad I went through with it because my red toenails looks much better. I let her wax my eyebrows as well which was also way behind any reasonable schedule. I absolutely hate having it done and almost chickened out for the above mentioned. Reason prevailed and now they are tame.

Two neat things about Saturday I neglected to mention:
* I got into the Maitland Art Show in April (you may recall it was the one I posted the web album for suggestions to submit)
*I received a check and nice note for a photo I'd mailed to some folks in Cocoa. They said I was charging too little and sent more.

The photo today is from the market on Sunday. Our manager sometimes puts me on the spot regarding taking a photo for a promotional flyer at a moments notice. I really don't like to work like that, but hey--what are you going to do? Apparently, she is starting a Dog Day once a month like they have Parrot in the Park once a month. You've seen photos of some of those birds in the past. I can't imagine they need a designated Sunday as there are so many dogs as it is. The pictured woman is a "Avian & Canine Behavorist", commonly known as "The Parrot Whisperer." She is the host of a show called Pet Pals. It really was remarkable to see her with these dogs. She went around asking owners if she could use their dogs. She worked with them a bit then they all cooperated nicely. Can you believe they are all looking at the camera, as is she? Good thing for me; I get nervous thinking it might not come out. The two large dogs are at the park every week, one is named Gail! They are wolfhounds--one Russian, one Irish. So aside from selling, I had other excitement as well.

I haven't chatted with Matt in way too long--I miss him.

Did I tell you Maureen is going to Peru in April? She's really had quite a time recovering from the accident--we are thinking positive that she'll be good when the time comes.
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Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's Good for You

Scrabble Anyone?
When you are a street vendor everyone else's sales pitch enters your space. Today at the little market the women next to me were annoyingly chatting loudly on cell phones; once customers started coming along, one of the women gave this sales pitch for healing oils. She claimed--"They are all natural, they are good for you." Apparently they work for sinuses (she also claimed she always has sinuses), tendinitis, headaches, and any other annoyance/pain you can think of. I saw no claims to cure being a nuisance.

Yesterday I had the best day at the market ever. As you know, oftentimes people mosey by that we haven't seen for years. Yesterday was no exception. Janet and Jay's children are all grown now but at one time I babysat for them. Although I haven't seen them for years whenever I do she never fails to remind me how I potty trained one of her girls. The picture she purchased was for one of the girl's upcoming 21st birthday.

I finally did some work on my photo library. I made DVDs of all the pictures I've taken each Sunday for the market. Normally I take anywhere from 30-100 pictures depending on what is going on. All told, it was well over 1,500 pictures!

Orlando is not a very old city. You may remember that we live a block or so away from the original settlement. This grave marker is around a mile down Orange Ave.(the main drag through Orlando) which is a very busy road. There is a tiny cemetery that you can barely see almost next door to a gas station. When I was getting gas the other day I walked over to see it first hand. I was stunned at how old the graves were. There are only about 10 or so markers left. This one seemed particularly poignant. When your children are babies you often give their age very specifically as is pictured here; I wonder if people still do this when a young person is buried.

I've posted this fun story about online Scrabble, one of my all time favorite games.
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