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Today's photo is from a trip to the country. Eustis is a small town about 50 miles from here with a beautiful lake front as the centerpiece of downtown. Maureen told me about an herb farm there that was worth a trip. It had been far too long since I'd taken a field trip. This was not on my agenda but just as I was coming up on the turn to the farm there it was. The owner of the farm explained that when the horses are going clockwise it is for exercise--counterclockwise is for racing, thus you see them going opposite directions. Beautiful horses and a beautiful day.

After nearly spending all of Wednesday cataloguing my inventory, I delivered the canvas to Mike. Earlier in the morning the phone rang about 9AM. On the line was Janet, the woman who was part of a couple with Mike at the market. She explained that Ian (her husband) wanted to buy the canvas for Mike for a house warming gift. Was there a way to make it happen? I told her because I use a virtual terminal with PayPal she could give me her credit card number and it would be a done deal. It was all very exciting to be a part of; after buying a small card, I put his cash deposit in the envelope. I told him I wanted him to open this card--naturally, he was thinking it was from me. You've already pictured how shocked, and thrilled, he was with their generosity haven't you? Here's where the connection comes in. Ian is the CEO of Smokey Bones, the restaurant chain that Darden sold last year!! She had told me they had moved here only a few months ago but didn't say why. When I asked Mike what he did he said he was Operations Manager for Smokey Bones. I got quite a kick out of that. Bruce built the flagship of the Smokey Bones chain some years ago.

Speaking of Bruce, he woke me up this morning (very early, thus the time of this post), asking if I'd go to Vero Beach with him today. He's been so busy and working so much he thought we could use the time to chat. I've agreed to go. Sounds like he had to twist my arm doesn't it. I don't mean it like that but I was going to finish the painting today. Yesterday afternoon I got the big wall done and it's looking very nice. I'll get to it later.

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