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I've not mentioned that we have been working with some local interior designers about our living room. We have one big room with five openings making for a challenge when arranging furniture. I'd been trying to come up with a new scheme for some time as well as tackle the darkness in the room. It would seem impossible with all the windows and light coming in, but it is really too dark in there, possibly because the ceiling is wood. Unsuspecting I would be solving one of our problems, I pulled the couch back to watch a movie with Bruce (it used to be perpendicular to the fireplace)and it seemed to work. I then did the same with the other couch--not only a better way to watch the television, but it just seems larger.

So, the designers came and I'd already moved the couches. There are some problems remaining, like what to do about the coffee table. They suggested I get some small ones, but we are hesitant to get rid of the current one, not the least because it was so darn expensive. We considered reupholstering the sofas but have decided against it. Lightness will have to come from accessories. The rug will go, as will the pillows and lamps. James picked the new wall color; I like it, especially with the ceiling. I only got the one wall done today because I'm still puny, but it's a start. I haven't done anything to the house in so long that whatever price I pay will be worth it in the long run.

Painful as it will be for Bruce, two cabinets on the walls by the dining table will be retired. He built them especially for me years ago, but our tastes have changed since then. New dining room furniture is also a priority. We've had the current set since Matthew was one year old. I can still remember our excitement when we got it from Ethan Allen while living in California. We're still considering the one the designers picked out. I just realized the dining furniture is not pictured but trust me it is outdated. Because we host most large family gatherings, we'll still need something that can be expanded for company.

Yesterday afternoon it was very windy and I remembered I'd bought some little pinwheels from World Market last week. I stuck all ten in the ground trying to get a fun shot of them spinning. Inadvertently, I got the cutest picture of Baxter I think I've ever taken. He was sitting there watching me, wondering what the heck I was doing laying on my stomach in the grass. I believe his concern for me kept him still. He is such a little cutie--when I'm in a bad way he lays as close to the bed as he can.

Speaking of dogs, Dave and Michelle's pug, Fenster, has been very sick. Today they were supposed to be going to the Ritz Carlton in Jamaica for five days, however they decided to forgo it. The trip was a reward from Dave's employer for his excellent service. That said, because Fenster is 17 years old they were deeply concerned he might die while they were gone. He has pneumonia; he is responding slowly to medication, but it is still dicey. I'll keep you updated.

The pictures we took of Michelle have done their job--she's been getting shows. Mostly she stands in the booth at a convention looking pretty, chatting with the lookers, and passing out brochures. She is way smarter than this job requires, but the pay is excellent and there is lots of flexibility--two very good things.

Then there is the matter of facebook which we'll discuss tomorrow.
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