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Hi Friends

My absence has not been because I'm feeling poorly, au contraire mon amis, I'm feeling downright perky! No, for some reason, every time I tried to blog my computer went into the spinning beach ball mode. I would force it to quit, try again, and same result. However, I'm back. Today is one of the most beautiful days anyone could wish for. White puffy clouds against the most gorgeous blue sky with temperatures in the mid 70's. The lawn is mowed, the pool is clean, as is the carpet.

I'm posting a picture that Michelle took of me over at their house on Wednesday. I went over there before the condo thing for a makeup session. Isn't that what family is for? The handbag is from a few years ago, and what with yellow being the HOT color for spring, I pulled it out. It's one of those beautiful Italian bags that one sometimes finds at ridiculously low prices at Marshalls. If you don't shop there you should. Have I told you the cute nicknames a patient told me for Marshalls, and TJMaxx? Nieman Marshalls and TJSaxx. Try it out on your friends, they will like it.

Speaking of patients, two of the women at the open house were former patients of mine. I believe I was giving my standard line about always being a photographer just used bigger equipment, when both of them almost together said, "That's why you look so familiar!" Turns out one of them I even did a biopsy on which found very early stage breast cancer. She's doing beautifully.

Yesterday afternoon one of the doctors I worked with called to chat. I was saddened to hear that one of the doctors in the group died earlier this month. He was the very definition of a gentleman, not as old as I am, and the father of two children. Several years ago he'd had heart surgery, but made a comeback; it took me by surprise. I usually look at the obituaries, which my friend Amaya thinks is weird, but at my age you know people who die. Just last week another radiologist I worked with earlier in my career died. It is an unfortunate part of getting older.

The second picture is of David. Now the other day I wrote about David having to live through the current economic turmoils. Although it must be terribly difficult to keep clients happy (Dave takes it personally when client investments go down), he continues to be upbeat. If I was posting this to flickr I'd call it King of Bling. Obviously this must be taken within the context of our family. He's sitting in his 280Z (one of two), sporting Gucci shades, sandals, and his new watch. You don't feel so bad for him now do you? Actually, he handles his wealth well, no debt, and more in savings then several of us put together. And did I mention he's a sweetie?

The painting is done, and the upholsterer came by with the designers today to pick up the chair. Originally I was going to use the one from our bedroom and buy a new chair for that space. I've not told you yet that it is Baxter's sleeping spot at night. Bruce was not crazy about me disrupting Baxter's routine, thus he wanted me to find another chair for the living room. While at the bank the other day I was getting in the car, realized that the thrift store was a block away. It's pretty grungy, but in the past I've picked up a chair there for $5 which immediately went to the upholsterer. The thing is, our house is smallish, and needs smallish furniture which is not the prevailing style. Most chairs are huge; I'm not. So, I go in, and the place is packed with bargain shoppers. Turns out on Wednesday they have a sale which draws throngs (who knew?). My first pass showed nothing, I then decided to head in another direction and what should I find, but a club chair in EXCELLENT condition (dirty, wrong color but that's ok), for, if you can believe this, $3.95!! When Ben, the upholsterer, picked it up he confirmed what I'd thought--high quality furniture for low quality price. They had two of them, but one was a challenge in the MINI. I'm only sorry I didn't photograph it to show you that I'm not exaggerating.

Ok, so you're probably bored by now aren't you? Enough already Gail

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