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A Day for Ranting

I've calmed down now but I was pretty worked up earlier today.

Baxter woke me at 5:15 this morning to go out so that was the end of sleeping for me. On Saturday Bruce helped me organize my desk a bit and in an effort to keep it clean, I started right off on some mail. I now need to save my mortgage bill, cell phone, utilities etc. which I'd always thrown out in the past. So many things to do when you have a small home based business...but I digress. Most of our bills are paid automatically so I often don't even look at the paper trail but today I did. What a mess.

Somehow the mortgage company didn't take out enough to cover the mortgage, thus would not apply any to my payment. You don't want to know how many numbers I punched to get things sorted out. The customer care representative (an oxymoron if I've ever heard one) suggested that I should send the additional $47 by overnight mail if I didn't want to hurt our credit score. I got no sympathy from this particular fellow regarding their mistake. I promised I would send a check in overnight mail but turns out I'm breaking my promise. Guess how much overnight mail costs to Kentucky? $16.50!!! I refuse to pay that for their error. Forgive me Bruce if our score goes down, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. One of the many people I spoke with ensured me that she had closed my recurring online payment; I'll be turning it over to our credit union and to hell with Chase.

When I opened the cell phone bill I discovered I'd gone over by 50 minutes resulting in a bill more than twice the normal amount. This forced me to re-think my 300 minute plan. Furthermore, my two year plus old phone has not been holding a charge for even a day which Bruce had been trying to get me to replace. It's now a done deal..I even have a camera on my new one. I went into the store and told the salesman I wanted the simplest phone they make. In a rare moment of praise today I will mention that we live in such a great place--one mile away from everything a person needs including a phone store. No high pressure, just a simple Samsung phone with the car charger thrown in and a new one year contract for 600 minutes a month. Good deal.

Lastly, a letter from the hospital said that they've tried twice to get payment from our insurance company for the scan I had in April. I called the insurance company first (with minimal number punching--yeah) and the nice young woman told me they'd never received a bill. I dreaded calling the hospital billing department but I mustered my courage and did it. You guessed it, they were sending it to the wrong place. You would hope that after all the bills I've accrued there, they would get it right, no such luck. Stay tuned. While I'm on the topic of the hospital Lisa saw something on the news last night that stated around 10,000 Americans go without a diagnosis every year. Do you think that because I'm on my second year I'll be counted twice? How do they come up with those statistics anyway?

Yesterday morning I was up early as well, meeting a customer at 6:30 to photograph the flower you see. She'd sent me an e-mail telling me her neighbor had a night blooming cactus and thought I might want to take its' picture. Lately I've had about three people mention this bloom to me so I wanted to see it in person. Sunrise is around 6:30 here but apparently it does not dry up until around 7:30. I trooped over there with my hair wet from the shower to see it. It really is an amazing sight seeing an ugly (to my eyes) big cactus with four of these sticking out from the sides. I believe they only last a few days if that many. At any rate, it was very cool. I took some other arty ones however, I hoped you'd enjoy the two bees coming in for a landing.

Tomorrow I'm sure I'll be cheerier, hopefully I'll be able to report that I've got the external hard drive all figured out.

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