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Popcorn and Chips Appetite Study

Today's title refers to a presumed health study advertised in Sunday's paper. Do you suppose they feed the participants chips and popcorn followed by a meal? Whatever...

While trying to locate The Rookery Building in Chicago I came across the amazing "Flamingo" sculpture in a downtown plaza. Please note that I also came across a farmer's market which runs every Tuesday. I managed to find the aforementioned building only to be told that I could not go upstairs to photograph the gorgeous spiral staircase. Apparently it is off limits unless one has a permit. On Monday afternoon I stumbled upon an architectural photography exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center (which is an absolutely wonderful building). The photo of the staircase was awe inspiring, thus my quest. Evidently it was not meant to be this trip.

David update: I don't feel so bad now because when I talked to Bill later in the day I discovered that David had not even told him about the VP business. Dave insists it's no big deal. Have I told you that Dave and Bill talk multiple times a day? It's the identical twin thing.

You may remember that I entered a photo contest at the set the record straight, no one from there judged the entries. Today when I arrived the installation was complete with fifty photos, including two of mine. I'm not sure what the judges were thinking because they picked EIGHT of the same sculpture. With approximately thirty sculptures in the outdoor gardens to choose from the judges showed a severe lack of creativity. I entered the less well known ones which seems to have been a mistake. It was frightful for Karen; she related that when she pulled them out of the boxes she was mortified. That's what you get when a camera store, and club, sponsor a contest. Of the two from me, one is a cotton plant with a bee coming in, the other is the lily pond with the amazing mosaic plant. Prizes will be awarded sometime during June. The photos hang in the gallery until the end of the month....something to put on my resume.

The summer rains may have finally arrived; as I type, the thunder and lightning are booming. Some people are frightened of storms but I'm so accustomed to them it doesn't bother me if I'm inside. The fact of the matter is we are desperate for rain so bring it on!

I know I've harped on Matt's influence many times because it is so pervasive even though he is an ocean away. I can't remember which Christmas it was, but I made a rib rub mixture for Bruce's workmates. The recipe came from an Atlanta restaurant cookbook from you know who. Jeff begged Bruce for me to make more, then got on the phone with me with his request. This afternoon I got it done which should be enough to keep Jeff grilling all summer long. Did I mention it is delicious?
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