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Cranes and Cows

An E-Mail from today.
I was overdue for a road trip, not that I need more pictures, it's just that I want them. When Bruce is home the alarm goes off really early. It's the time of the day when no one bothers him, and he relishes that hour or so to himself. When he's not home, there is no alarm except for the sun. That said, I awoke at 4:55 this morning and decided it was for a reason; I got right up and threw on some clothes. After making tea, grabbing bug spray and my camera gear, I headed out into the dark. All Floridians understand my need for bug spray while in the country! Ruth hooked me up with two more photo contests, one which involves very specific rivers in Florida. The closest to me is the Kissimmee River--sort of. It seems as if it is very challenging to actually find what looks like a river. I really kept trying, but to no avail, even after asking directions twice.

In some places roads are winding because of mountains, in Florida it is because of lakes, lakes, and more lakes. According to my geology professor this is because Florida was underwater until 30 million years ago, but that's a story for another day. In the 40's the Army Corp of Engineers straightened the river, if you will, with a series of locks making it look nothing like the Florida rivers I'm accustomed to. Furthermore, there are a series of lakes that somehow form the basin. Mind you this all came from Google, I was ignorant of these facts prior to research.

Enough history--the upshot is that I did find a wonderful park on E. Lake Toho which according to what I read is one of the starting places for the river. I was super excited because not only were there loads of sandhill cranes (which I find fascinating), but a ranch adjacent to the park with beautiful cows. There were cows and bulls of every color, as well as some calves. I love the way they stare at you with such intensity. I decided to show you that very thing, cranes in the foreground, and cows in the background. The area was very peaceful at 7AM on a Wednesday morning. Now I'm tired, but you knew that already!

Just when I thought our newspaper could not get any worse, it has. And I quote a waste of newsprint from yesterday:

"A DeLand man faces domestic battery charges, accused of throwing a 3-pund package of Polish sausage at his mother. ....She told officers she wanted her son (age 46) to leave, and they got into a verbal argument. She said she was on the couch in the living room when he threw the sausage from the kitchen, according to an arrest report. The package grazed the back of her head. Praeger was in the kitchen cooking when officers arrived." (All of you should know that it is spelled Deland because I've written about it before) Duh, are their NO fact checkers. This always worries me because if reporters can't get the easiest part of an article right, how wrong are the hard parts?

It strongly reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock program I saw as a young person. The wife killed her husband with a leg of lamb, when officers arrive she's in the kitchen cooking and invites them to eat the murder weapon with her.
Listening to: Jakob Dylan - This End Of The Telescope
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Listening to: Jakob Dylan - This End Of The Telescope
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