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Yesterday morning I did a little photo shoot of the gardens at Casa Feliz, the Gamble Rogers's house that was moved to Park Avenue a few years ago. The gardener there also does Regina's yard (my awesome neighbor); she shared a few pictures I'd taken with him. As such, he wanted me to photograph the gardens so he could have a picture for his office to show off his handiwork. It didn't take long so just down the street is the Winter Park Cemetery where there is the only angel monument I'm aware of in town. Pictured above is yesterday's shot, below one about a year ago. I seriously thought it was brand new! I was absolutely amazed when I saw the transformation. Frankly, for a photograph, I think the dirty one has more interest.

Today, Mr. Coleman, along with his assistant Mike, came to the house to clean. They cleaned the white sofa in the sunroom, the striped chair and throw pillows for the sofa. Moving into the living room, they did both couches. Mr. Coleman was kind enough to show me the dirty water from the living room couches.....nice. I explained that we'd had them for probably ten years without even one cleaning and they should have been dirty. These days no one hardly even sits on them except for Baxter who squished in between the cushions to watch the world go by.

Today, however, he's had to hunt around for a dry piece of furniture to snuggle on. My bed was moved to clean the carpet underneath and as such I had to get the stuff from under there out before they came. I was delighted to find a box containing our negatives from our last trip to Europe, which was way too long ago. Anyway, I'd searched before without luck, cursing myself for throwing them out. Happy news, they are still here! I thought it wasn't like me to trash something like that, and now I know I didn't. Not that I can do much with them, but still....

As well, I found a portfolio of Matt's art work from when he was in high school. That boy is talented for sure. That's one reason I rely on his expertise when choosing something important. I'll have to get his opinion on this next gallery show set for October. We've discussed that haven't we? If not, we'll talk about it when it gets closer.

Wouldn't you know it...not a drop of rain these last three days. In fact, there was only one day of rain last week aside from Sunday's downpour. It is threatening as we speak and I wish it would just go ahead and rain so the sprinkler system won't come on in the morning. Last week, the aforementioned day was Thursday afternoon, just hours after the sprinklers soaked the yard. Please, please, no rain on Sunday!!!

I delivered a canvas yesterday morning after the shoot to a customer from Whole Foods. I was delighted to hear that a print they had previously purchased from me as a gift was extremely well received this last weekend in Miami. Those kind of comments make it worthwhile!

I've spent time today dragging things into my new iPhoto library. Because my online gallery is linked to it, there are pictures that have to be there. One thing I can tell you is that I've taken an awful lot of terrible shots. As I scrolled through the months I cringe at some of them, but hopefully all that practice has paid off a bit. I'll be updating my gallery either this evening or tomorrow. Then, if you have time check it out and let me know what you think.

I took a little break to eat my dinner with the newspaper keeping me company while I ate. I read this little blurb about John Travolta's son's death. What struck me in the article was that Scientology does not recognize autism. Are those people crazy or what? Who doesn't recognize autism???? That just blows my mind, but then again, they don't recognize depression do they? Hmmmm......

Lastly, I've mentioned in this space before about all the celebrity deaths this year, well, here's the photographic evidence.
Deaths in 2009 Photo Gallery

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Ending on a happier note, after resting most of the day Monday and Tuesday, I'm back in business. Thank you for your well wishes dear readers.

One of my all time favorite Coldplay songs:
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