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Questions, Questions

People do ask me a lot of questions. This week two have stuck in my mind. Last night a sweet little girl from Georgia asked me, "Do you like being an artist?" I may have forgotten to mention I was part of a Baldwin Park "Art Stroll" last evening. I definitely did not have the success I enjoyed at previous Baldwin Park events! Nonetheless I did meet the girl I mentioned along with her sister. They were here visiting their dad whom they had hardly seen for two years. They have family in every direction it seems. Part of a new generation of children with parents, step parents, grandparents, and step grandparents, sometimes on both sides. Talk about extended families! Nonetheless the older sister, Courtney bought "Beach Daisies" for her mom in Georgia who just painted their bathroom yellow. While I was packing up the girls wanted to chat and chat. I, on the other hand, was seriously thinking about going home. I'm often in bed by 9, so it was a stretch for me. Maybe I reminded them of their mother?

I hardly knew how to answer her question. I'm still not entirely comfortable calling myself an "artist", rather I usually blurt out that I'm "really an x-ray tech." Which brings me to this: I was looking for a recipe in the bottom drawer this afternoon and what should I find but a copy of this letter addressed to the hospital administrators. I won't quote the entire thing but here's what she said:
"I just wanted you to know how very impressed I was with her(me). She made me feel most comfortable, in a most uncomfortable situation. Her gift of gab is truly an asset. I am certain that if it was not for her kind manner, and her constant reassurance, I don't think I could have gone through with this most uncomfortable procedure. She is truly a most valuable asset to your facility. Please thank her again for me." Sometimes I miss making people's lives easier.

But then again, most of the time I don't miss bitchy women! I feel certain my family can all remember my complaining about both patients and doctors! On the other hand I think some of the skills I used taking x-rays have carried over into my new profession. People tell me I'm a pretty good salesperson (I would dispute that claim), mistaking my gift of gab as salesmanship. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The second question was posed by my mother-in-law. Wednesday night I picked her up around 9:30 at the airport and she spent the night here so she wouldn't have to drive all the way home in the dark. While eating breakfast she asked, "What is your weekly schedule aside from weekends Gail?" Hmmmm.....After thinking a minute I replied, "Mostly, I do whatever I want." Pretty lucky wouldn't you say?

A little after 8 this morning Dana called saying she had a little photography job for $75 if I wanted it. Would I get some shots of Church Street Station and the store elevations there? Of course I would. I threw on some clothes and off I went. That's what I mean by doing whatever I want--really whatever happens I respond to it. Yesterday I spent time photographing some crystals--a ridiculously hard task. They are flat out ugly chunks of rock, and despite trying multiple backgrounds, different lighting and angles, they still look like chunks of rock. I'm not a miracle worker.

Today's picture has zero to do with this post but I wanted you to see it nonetheless. I took it while at Lukas Nursery. What sweet creatures. The mother was licking the calf; unfortunately I never got the shot with her tongue showing--but then again, maybe you wouldn't want to see it anyway.

Bruce is finally on his way home. His flight has arrived, however, he's having his hair cut as I type. I checked my email when I arrived home last night and found an airline reservation for next week to Washington, DC. I may have mentioned Bruce has a job nearby so while he's at the job site I'll be in roam mode. I've not been anywhere for a year so obviously I'm excited. I emailed our niece Amanda who did an internship there asking her, "where is the one place I shouldn't miss?" She wrote back and said "The Mall." Tada! He's home--that's it for now folks!
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