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Good Question

Tuesday afternoon, while chatting with Petra at the museum, she asked me what I'd been up to for July and August. I drew a blank. Seriously, at that moment I couldn't think of one interesting thing I'd done. Good question Petra. Happily I thought to myself, self--you've got a blog to remind you! It's kind of sad though. There must have been something to report!

A few days ago I tried my best to do something with my jar of saved broken glass:
I agree with you--not all that great. No doubt I'll keep trying.

We now have a holding pen. Say what? Yesterday I made not one, not two, but THREE trips to my new nursery. I'll tell you what, the Element comes in mighty handy when you've got to haul stuff. My first trip we packed twenty 3 gallon plants in the back! Next trip the same. While unloading the plants into our holding pen, I could hear the phone ringing inside the house. Lorraine was calling to let me know they could get the other plants we were looking for sent up on a truck from Miami today if I wanted to come and pay for them. Well, that's just what I did. Three trips=30 miles total. Not bad huh? One trip to Lukas is about that. Because I went over budget on my tile selection I'm looking for ways to make it up. So far, so good.

The plants are so cheery; I just love them! I might as well introduce you to the cast of characters who will be working around here for the next three weeks or so. This way you'll know who/what I'm talking about.
  • Mark is the general contractor who is working in Bruce's stead. He'll schedule the workers and find all the sub contractors. 
  • Danny is the window guy. He's ordering the windows and will have a crew install them, possibly as early as next Wednesday.
  • Mike is the tree guy who worked here a few weeks ago. He'll be removing the plants as well as  grinding the stumps of both the Spanish bayonet and the Schefellera tree. 
  • Phil is the pool guy. 
  • Bill and Lorraine are the nursery people. You well know that most times I can get anyone to reveal their life story don't you? Yesterday Lorraine told me Bill is 80--no wonder he's a touch cranky. As well, Lorraine had her own story to tell. Makes life interesting.
Here is what Mike will remove tommorrow:
Just a tad overgrown wouldn't you say? There is a house somewhere behind all that greenery that I've not seen for years. Actually, no doubt there will be an adjustment period being able to see the windows from outside, not to mention being able to actually look out the window and not be greeted by a jungle!  This photo may resurface as a comparison shot once things get underway.

Sadly I was mistaken about my swimming schedule. Today will be the final swim before next year. To the far right of the photograph there is one of the stumps that need grinding which will effectively ruin the plumbing, which in turn means that, although Phil won't be starting until a week from Monday, the pool will no longer have filtration after tomorrow. Obviously, I hadn't counted on that.

Remember how I wrote that I had a slew of canvases to sell. I wasn't kidding:
Fortunately three left me on Sunday. As you can see, I still have my green chair! Notice down the hallway into the back bedroom will you? Behind that dresser, a wall unit air conditioner lurks. For some unknown reason, the previous owners elected to leave two wall units in both this bedroom and ours. All these years I've arranged furniture to hide their ugly appearance. Guess what? Next week Mark has someone coming to remove them, fixing both the block outside, and the plaster inside. Woo Hoo!

Yesterday while heading out front with Baxter to retrieve the paltry mail, I found this on our porch:
As you can see, one torn wing, rendered this beauty somewhat helpless. HOWEVER, returning later for a look, it was gone. After observing it slowly scratching it's way across the planks, I've no idea how it went anywhere.

Earning those pesky continuing education points will take up tomorrow at Florida Hospital. At least I won't be taking any tests!

Until next time my friends..........
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