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The Old & the New

Friday, while over on Colonial Drive, I remembered someone told me the new kid in town opened about a week ago. Naturally I had to check it out, mostly to see what their frames are like, but I discovered all sorts of goodies. Of what/whom do I write you ask? 
Yep, they opened up in the old Circuit City space at Colonial Plaza, or at least that's what I still call the shopping center. Perhaps there's a new name, but old habits die hard for me! I still call the 408, the East-West Expressway. Sounds like I'm not adapting to the times doesn't it? Not really, it's because there are so many roads beginning with 4 that it's easier for me to keep them all straight that way.

While checking out with these little pretties,
I noticed the clerk was typing in all the prices. Imagine that--a large retailer that does not use bar coding. As well, they are closed on Sundays. When I questioned her regarding the bar coding, she explained that the owner wants the folks to handle the merchandise more so they know what the store offers. This may be true, but apparently the cost of scanning equipment is another factor. She said she hadn't read the book, meaning the one wherein the owner describes how he used $600 to start a business and now it's a mega chain. Wikipedia informs me the Oklahoma entrepreneur is the 123rd richest man in America. That sounds like some success story to me.

Now on to the old. Several weeks ago I received an invitation to a special birthday party for a special lady turning 90. No gifts, no cards, just our company. You've heard me say in the past that people rarely change much over time. Betty, while 90, is still the wise cracker she ever was, with a beautiful smile, and a twinkle in her eyes. I brought my camera, only shooting a few of the birthday girl, after she agreed, but not without a caveat. "If you sell any of those, I want a commission!"
When I told her she looked pretty in pink, her response was, "I can't help it." I told you she still has spunk! These days, although I've a few gray hairs sprouting, mostly sticking straight up, I might add, my hair seems to be getting darker. Certainly not what you'd expect, but so it is. Anyway, in the future, I want hair like Betty. You know, that beautiful white hair that you don't see very often. Loads and loads of people came to celebrate, maybe 200? Held in the gym of First Alliance church, our old stomping grounds for many, many years, there were several tables with woman who make Betty seem young. Seriously, two ladies were 98! Can you imagine living that long? I can't, and if our family history is any indication I won't. Talking to several of the widows, I kept thinking I hope I go before Bruce.  Selfish aren't I?

The weather this weekend was delightful, still blazing hot, but without the crushing humidity. Could it be that we've turned the corner? More folks were sauntering through the market Sunday, however, mostly that's what they do. Saunter. Not buying. Certainly, with the state of our local economy that's not surprising, but it would be nice if there were more shoppers. Actually, I sold nine small pieces, so don't mistake my comments for complaints. I'm grateful every single time someone says, I'd like this!

Any minute the concrete guys are to arrive to begin cutting up the deck. According to Mark, he'll be using a wet saw so the dust factor won't be so horrific. The noise, on the other hand, may be. Mostly I'll be at the Polasek while he's here but poor little Baxter won't be. Perhaps I should take him over to Angela's house to spare his little ears. I've read that dogs hearing sensitivity is much greater than ours; in fact, when the house phone rings for more than two, he starts whining which is rare for him. He's such a sweet little dog, we are so, so lucky to have him around the house.

Saturday evening the sky was brilliant. Here's looking down our street around 7:30:
Life is good around these parts.
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