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Don't Take Much to Make Me Happy

There was a time when I surrounded myself with music, whether in the car or in our home; rarely did I live with silence. Growing up, music was a natural part of our life with my Mom loving Elvis, so much so that she requested one of his songs at her funeral mass! My Dad was in love with Ella Fitzgerald, although I think Peggy Lee was in contention for his favorite too. I suspect it would have made them so proud to see what an accomplished musician Bill has become, teaching himself other instruments after mastering the guitar in a big way. Exciting news from their household, Fallon has been accepted to Nurse Practitioner's school and will begin in January. We are so proud of her!
What happened? I can't rightly tell you, however, after immersing ourselves in the Ken Burn's documentary, my passion was reignited and I've been listening every chance I get. So it is that I have Mary Chapin Carpenter to thank for today's title, after her song of the same. If you know her…

Local Adventures

Most mornings, if time allows with Bruce's busy schedule, we walk around Lake Davis two times for both some exercise, and some bird watching. Most days something is going on and early last week was no exception. Figuring it was about time to return to the here and now after so many vacation posts, however, I've not forgotten about London because there are still some things to share. For now though, let's catch up with what's been going on since we returned from our trip to the mountains. 
So we were walking around when we saw two ducklings in the water all by themselves. Not a good sign because they were quite small. The closer we got though, we saw their siblings coming in from behind, yet still no visible parents. Eventually they were reunited with their indifferent Mother while we stood watching, making their way back into the water once all were gathered.  As to the pictured swan, we learned one of the cygnets was hit by a car and now there are but three. :(   Per…

On the Road Again and Under the Stars

Leaving Brevard, a little after 9 in the morning, we traveled West on the Greenville Highway, merging onto SR64 a block outside downtown. Our mission was to another state park for a night of camping, specifically Tallulah Gorge at Tallulah Falls. The park system website for Georgia is easily navigable, so finding another interesting place was made easy. Plus, now I that I have an account I told you about,  reserving a campsite is a breeze. 
Our first stop was in a town called Rosman where we spent some time and money at an outfitters on the French Broad River. Bruce is in heaven visiting a store like this. One thing we bought were walking sticks, something that would have been very helpful in the Dupont Forest.  Actually this post began with a story that was not entirely true. It is only now, looking at the photographs, that the real story came to me. What happened is that the kind folks at this store allowed me to use their wifi to find a campsite. Although mostly we've come to …