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The Beginning of August

I hope August ends the way it's begun. Between yesterday and today's market, I sold as much as I did all of August 2007. Today one of the smaller canvases was purchased to go to Scotland if you can imagine. Remember how thrilled I was the first time one of my prints went overseas? I'm still just as excited. However, the heat has taken its' toll on me and I'm worn out. I'm feeling much improved, in fact, I begin to think all the symptoms have gone away when they raise their ugly head again. The dry heaves aren't daily anymore thank goodness but they haven't gone away entirely. The same can be said about my feet problems and the ache in my side. The good news is that they are no longer constant; it just seems like it's something I'll have to live with. Hopefully I've satisfied everyone's curiosity regarding my health. :-)

Today I'm posting another little album from the trip last week. I just had to share the little boy with someone. He reminded me so much of my little boys. I took one of him peering through the boardwalk slats first then he turned seeing I had the camera pointed at him. He said, "cheese!" I got a pretty big kick out of that.

This just came through:
Gail Peck:

Thank you for applying to the 35th Annual Winter Park Autumn Art Festival. We regret to inform you that you have not been selected by the jury. Please check back in February 2009 to apply for next year's show, and visit our website at for more information.

I'd not expected to be chosen for this show, now however, when folks ask me if I've been in the Winter Park show I can truthfully say, they didn't want me!

A true crime story from today's paper:
Man kills 81 year old mother by beating with telephone, remote control, and then holding underwater in the swimming pool. What could she have done that irritated him so?

Something good always results from something bad, in this case high cost of oil. Maureen works for a global shipping company so I don't want their business to suffer but it would sure be good if some jobs returned to America. I've always wondered how in the world something could travel all the way from China and cost less.
Globalization Comes into Question
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