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Here Comes the Rain Again

It seems as if it rains earlier, and earlier each day. This has me worried about the market on Sunday. Perhaps we should take a Sunday off for two reasons. Bruce could use the rest and I am wearing a huge cold sore on my face. If you have to have a cold sore it is better to be on your face because it is less painful. The pain is worse when it is just coming on; by the time it is hideous you hardly feel it, especially on your face. It takes a bit of guts to go out in public with one of these as large as mine but I'm doing it. In fact, we are meeting Jane and Michael at Ceviche tonight for dinner. Hopefully they can ignore it.

Because this blog is called Camera Crazy I like to show you what I'm doing sometimes rather than just write about it. I picked up some glass beads at Walgreens for $2 and was trying to make something interesting with them. You can see the tripod in the one picture. I set it up because I was trying all sorts of camera settings, even a 5 second exposure. I just realized as I type this that I could have done one other thing, but there's always tomorrow. As I was saying, here's what I made with them today.

You know how I've complained many times about the paper but I still want it to exist. Today my friend wrote in his Sentinel column--"I could no more do without a daily paper than I could go without breathing." I'm not happy with all the changes but I hate to think of the day that it might not be available. For those of us of a certain age it is part of our daily routine, from walking out to get it, removing it from the plastic sleeve, and glancing at the front page before putting the tea kettle on to boil (in my case). Where else would I find out there is a play running in a nearby city called "You Know I Can't Hear You With the Water Running"? If the title is any indication of the quality of the play it must be a sellout. I couldn't count the times I've said that to someone.

Yipee--I've talked to all my sons this week. I may have chatted with them longer than I have with Bruce this week. The poor darling did not arrive home last night until at least midnight (yours truly had been asleep for hours) and was off again by 7:30 this morning. Matt thinks enough is enough, however in this economy everyone who is employed is thankful.
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