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The Incredible Shrinking Gail

Market Praise
Lest you think I only take photos of flowers.....

In final market related stuff--today's picture is of Roger, his wife Trish in black, and their two dogs, Max and Samantha. It was about this time last year that I began selling prints made by Roger. They were just cruising around like this last July when I met them for the first time.

It was with dismay that I looked at the scale this morning...down to 104.5 (digital scale). In this house it appears that I need more calories, and Bruce needs less...what's a cook to do?

The Olympics are spectacular, especially the swimming; I only wish they could put it on earlier. It is pushing my limit to stay up till even 10, so naturally I missed the dramatic relay race on Sunday night. It's just not the same in a re-run.

Have I told you these two kitchen tips before?

When I was feeding my mom during her illness (not a great description, but I can't think of any other way to put it) I used to make her deviled eggs for the next days lunch. I finally learned how to boil eggs consistently so they would not only peel, but have a nice yolk without that dreaded grayish-green ring. Here's the trick: cover eggs with tap water in saucepan, bring to boil, let boil two minutes, cover and move off heat for 12 minutes. Run under cold water for a minute or so, then put lots of ice cubes in with the water for five minutes or so. Make sure you crack them on the widest end and they will peel like magic--no more beat up white!

Secondly I'm extolling (is this a word?) the virtues of a pizza pan in the kitchen before. I rarely make pizza, but the pan is in the dishwasher nearly every week. I not only heat those delicious biscuits on there, but roast any number of vegetables on it. As well, a square cooling rack usually fits right on top to broil food on instead of the broiler pan that comes with ovens. Those pans are so hard to clean, just put some foil on the bottom of the pizza pan and the clean up is a snap.

One more household tip--I've finally used a product that lives up to it's name. It's called Invisible Glass made by Simonex, actually Bruce bought it for his car. Anyway I used it on the mirrors and glass table and it's fantastic!

Bruce left early yesterday morning, not to return until late Thursday night. Yikes! We're trying to schedule some anniversary celebration for this weekend because sadly he'll be gone on the actual date. I can remember a time when going out to eat was such a treat, it was almost exclusively reserved for after church, or a special celebration. It's kinda lost its' luster these days.

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