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Summer Casualty

Remember how I've been harping on the big storms this summer? Apparently one of the many lightening strikes was close to home. My dear neighbor Regina's remaining giant oak tree was hit a week ago Sunday. Not only did she lose the forty year old tree but multiple appliances and computer problems resulted from the strike. She was out to dinner and the only sign of a problem was her dead phone when she returned. A few days later the leaves on the tree began to brown. Although she had a surge protector it wasn't enough. The sad thing is that she lost two massive oaks in the hurricanes a few years ago, and now this one. The street obviously doesn't look the same without the canopy it provided.

Last night at this time I was mowing the lawn thinking it might be cooler. Good thing it wasn't tonight as the temperature at 7:45 is still 91 degrees. For six weeks the rain was incessant--now it hasn't rained in almost a week. The plants and grass are drying up quickly in the blazing heat. After finishing last night I jumped in the pool to cool off.

The flower picture I'm posting today is from a yard I drive by with some frequency. This is my first time seeing this beautiful flower, the lovely shade of red is captivating. After knocking on the door, I told the owner I loved to photograph flowers, he consented after a moments hesitation. He called it a silk flower which he'd grown from seed; if I'm not mistaken he was kinda proud someone had noticed.

Bruce has been in town all week but that doesn't mean we've had dinner together. Tonight he's at Capital Grille with his colleagues from around the country after two days of meetings at the corporate offices. At least he hasn't had to fly or drive too far this week. Tomorrow he will be driving to "The Villages" in Lake County. It is a huge development, and I mean huge, for retirees. The "town" has been the subject of a recent book detailing life in a planned community that from what I've read is not all that flattering. Debauchery all around.

I'm struggling right now with what to donate for the children's cancer camp benefit at the end of the month. The event is one night in a downtown gallery. My photograph will be in the company of other, more established artists, giving me big doubts about what to contribute. It needs to be something arty, and at the same time, something that someone might want.

Speaking of weather, apparently Jonathan and Alissa went through some wild weather this week in Chicago. From what I heard the lightening, rain, and wind were unprecedented.

My neighbors just returned from nearly two weeks in England. When Matt and I chatted last week he mentioned the heat (no air conditioning) and how he was tired of it already. They echoed his sentiments! However, it passed after a few days and milder weather returned. Mostly when she was over here this afternoon she talked about how expensive it is. I believe I've mentioned that Matt is probably the only person you'll hear about who's saving money whilst living in London. He's unbelievable, but you knew that already didn't you?

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