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What's Going On?

What, you may ask, is Gail blogging on a Sunday morning for? Isn't she supposed to be battling the elements, and hawking her wares at the market? Indeed, that is normally the case, but today she is planning to spend her time at home with her poor, tired husband who is still sleeping I might add.

Last night was the charity event which turned out to be quite nice. There was an excellent crowd for a rainy day which surprised me. I'm showing you the outside of the building as we approached. The torrential rains of the day quit around 6, making for a balmy evening.The gallery is in the bottom floor space, the upstairs used to be the stage for a small theater company which has grown since moving across the street. The latest incarnation was an movie theater, run by the University of Central Florida, showing great documentaries and foreign films. Sadly, funding ran out forcing the place to close, but not before I formed wonderful memories (not to mention shed buckets of tears) of great films seen there.

I suspect you can guess which piece is mine. As it turns out, the organizers of the event spent most of their time urging folks to buy the childrens' art. Let me refresh your memory for a moment. Base Camp sounds like a boot camp, but it is really a support network for not only children with cancer, but their families as well. There were two boys there last night, one with leukemia, the other with a brain tumor; both quite charming. The children were urged to make art, many right in their hospital rooms. Last week I sent out a mass email asking folks to come. I was grateful for those who did, many of whom bought art, or made donations. As well, this morning I already received an email from one couple who plan to volunteer for the charity! Bill and Leanne won the grand prize raffle. Alas, my piece did not sell, but that's alright, you've been reading my blog long enough to know that one never knows what may come of the exposure. I'm might add that only one professional piece sold last night.

Speaking of exposure, I was thinking the other day how most of my entire adult life I've been paid to take pictures. Of course, the previous 30+ years were spent with black and white, but strange as it may seem, much of what I learned, and used while taking x-rays has helped me with my photography.

The forecast is gloomy for today--I'm not clear if it is because we have big storms on either side of the state; what I do know is that more rain is the last thing needed around here. The lakes and rivers are overflowing already, fortunately we are on high and dry ground.

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