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Almost Too Pretty to be True

So reminding me of the, almost garish, yellow of our Tabebuia trees back home that I love like crazy.
I believe the above is actually a Gingko tree, but don't quote me on that. Bruce tells me that the end of this gorgeous display is nearly over, but I don't want to believe him just yet. That said, I did see a little snowflake on my phone for later in the week when I checked the upcoming forecast. Yikes!!

In the meantime, I am loving every minute of it, and as last week's adventures show, I am taking advantage of the weather while I can. But, there are still real-life things to accomplish, one of which is me finally getting a haircut. Although Bruce has had several haircuts, and even Baxter has had one, I'd been gun shy, mostly because there are seemingly endless choices of salons. In about a two block stretch in Yaletown, I think I counted fifteen or more! Finally, a neighbor said she'd gone to the Aveda salon on Homer Street near Robson, so taking that cue, I made…

I've Been Out Walking

Because Bruce had been mostly home for three days, when he went to the office early Monday morning, I felt a little out of sync. In spite of the fact that it was gray and gloomy, instead of just sitting at home, I decided to take a walk. My plan was to walk along the seawall, up Denman Street and over to Robson to have my glasses tightened up a bit. I never did make it to the glasses store.
I am like a kid in a candy store, I just can't get enough of the autumn colors! Although I did my best to edit down the amount of photographs in this post, it wasn't easy as there are just so many things that cause me to put my camera up to my face. Seriously, I just can't help it.

Even the gloomy weather does not stop folks from getting out on the water.
On a gray day the beaches somehow seem a little more appealing than they did during the summer. I'm now accustomed to the big logs on the beach, and truth be told, it really is a brilliant idea, giving folks a place to sit without …