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Good Times

We're back from our little trip to Siesta Key. Returning last evening around 5:30, Bruce went across the street to get Baxter from our neighbors' house. Apparently he had so much fun over there that he was in no particular hurry to come home. Her 11 year old son fell for Baxter in a big way.

We took the Tamiami Trail down to Sarasota; it continues across the Everglades and over to Miami as the name implies. Actually the name is a contraction of Tampa and Miami because that is where the north/south portion begins. Begun in 1915 it takes you through Ruskin on the way south which is a famous tomato growing region; lots of small motels which have seen better days line the highway. Although the interstate is faster we were in no particular hurry. Both of us like to take back roads whenever we can.

Speaking of taking back roads, an experience at the museum the other day made me realize anew how in conversation the way you convey something is as important as what you have to say. Of course we all know this but often we forget it. A woman told me she was a back roads person in such a way as to seem high and mighty for it. I realized that when I tell people I never watch television they may construe it as I think I'm better than them for it. My new plan is when the subject arises I'll explain that I somehow don't seem to find the time to watch television. I think that sounds better--hopefully as if it's a problem of time management on my part--what do you think?

The party was really something. Steve spared no expense for his guests--at least 75 people throughout the day. I spent some glorious time playing in the waves which are very unusual for the Gulf of Mexico. The water was spectacular--warm, with varying shades of turquoise, as was the sunset on Friday night. Siesta Key is off the mainland from Sarasota with a charming little village. Visiting places like this makes you wonder what sort of jobs people have that afford the lifestyle. We ate lunch at St. Armands Circle off the John Ringling Causeway.

Time did not permit a visit to the Ringling Museum which is supposed to be spectacular. We did, however, visit the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens on the shores of Sarasota Bay.Sarasota Gem
Aside from the beautiful flowers, there are amazing Banyan trees with their spectacular root system. This little frog is one of the poison frogs housed in aquariums. I so wish this could have been better, but the light was dim, I took it by putting the camera directly on the glass; there were not only blue frogs, but yellow with black spots, a pale shade of green which looked like it was a plastic little statue, and an unusual shade of brown.

This morning Matt called, a wonderful surprise. Turns out there is a Spring Bank Holiday coinciding with Memorial Day here--a happy coincidence. Talk about good times--Matt defines the word!

Not sure what today will bring but you'll certainly hear about it won't you?

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