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May Day, May Day

Did I Over Pay?
Astonishing how cheap some clothes are--I must have overpaid at Ross earlier today when I spent $25 on a dress! The picture today is from the window at Neiman Marcus. I suspect the outfit comes in around the $1,000 range. Where's the sport in that?

Great historical significance on May Day around the world, including the day in 1707 that a treaty was signed merging England, and Scotland, to form the Kingdom of Great Britain. Not quite so lofty, but very important to the Peck clan, Jonathan was born on May 1, 1983. It's hard to believe he's reached the quarter century mark. We moved into this house when he was around 12--I can still see him doing a cannonball into the pool at his birthday celebration, never mind that the water was still pretty darn cold! I miss him; knowing he's happy and successful takes some of the sting away. Being the baby of the family, it took him just a bit longer to grow up, but my oh my, he's done a fine job.

Cleaning update: pool, and vacuuming accomplished.

Produce purchased. Still lacking other ingredients, but Bruce won't be arriving until way past dinner tonight, so, there's always tomorrow.

Actually I'm heading over to the design shop to mingle a bit. The pieces are hung,
looking not too bad if I do say so myself.

Remember when I suggested that each day brings something unexpected? This afternoon an e-mail came through from the Assisted Living facility director asking how much I would charge to be the party photographer at the 100 year birthday party for Rose. I'd be honored, however, because my camera takes lousy pictures indoors, I've not responded yet.

Three items from our local paper that might amuse/shock you:

You think your real estate taxes are high? Shaquille O'Neal pays $190,000, while Tiger Woods pays a measly $59,000. Imagine that.

Secondly, as all of you know, the obituaries are full of interesting/mundane stuff. Yesterday one woman was remembered as having sprayed perfume in her mouth at the dentist because she was afraid she had bad breath. Imagine that part two.

Finally that disgusting story about the imprisoned daughter in Austria. You know the details which defy imagination. Imagine that part three.

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