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Photographer's Equipment, Apples, and Dog

Last year, early in my training, I photographed a bowl of apples--a traditional still life. When I look at it now I realize how much practice improves one's skills. I'm totally lucky to be able to devote the time--thank you Bruce!

I am so much more aware of the effect natural light has on a picture through much trial, and error. I now know how to adjust my exposure thanks to Matt. The sun is a wonderful tool, unless it is too bright, which in Florida during the summer is certainly the case. We're not called The Sunshine State for nothing folks! As well, as summer approaches, landscape pictures become more difficult. Humidity hangs in the air, soaking our bodies with sweat, and clouding images. Thus, I've taken more landscape shots than I normally would, knowing the time is drawing to a close when they'll come out crisp.

Why I told you that, I'm unsure, but there you have it. You've learned something about picture taking in Florida that I learned through lots of lousy shots!

Lisa called, they are shaking off the gloom of earlier in the week; graduation is probably going on as I type. As is mine, I think.

One of the most dramatic photos I sell is one you've not seen--I'll post it one of these days. Anyway, I got the daisies at Albertson's, a pretty low rent grocery store. Nonetheless, they have great flowers for cheap. Coke is cheap there as well; when I can save money, why wouldn't I? Yesterday's trip there yielded the most beautiful color of gerber daisy--a gorgeous light coral. I could hardly wait until I got home to get those babies photographed. I've posted one on flickr which I took by shooting up towards the skylight in the kitchen. Later in the day I had an idea about an outdoor shot which I'll also share another day. I'm thinking I might have another winner on my hands.

A delightful date last night at a restaurant located in the revived downtown area called Church Street Station. Ceviche serves amazing tapas, every bite bringing a new taste sensation--with so many choices on the menu we think they need a check list. Making our own proved to be no problem as I dug a Wal Mart receipt out of my bag and Bruce wrote the order down. Given the right platform I could gush, and gush about the place. Wait a minute, I am gushing however isn't that what this blog is for???

Yesterday Maureen and I discussed seeing The Visitortoday but we thought things wouldn't work out. Yeah--we were wrong. The movie began at 10AM, excellent timing for us. I could gush, and gush, about this movie; lots of questions posed that have no easy answer. One take away--an unexpected encounter can change ones' life. Equally important, experiencing new things; giving things a try even if you feel foolish.....I know how that one goes!

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