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Logarithms and Fossils

I've spent the better part of the day on the titled subjects. I confess, neither one interests me in the slightest but it is part of the game. I've decided I much prefer living things to dead ones, thus my lack of appreciation for geology. You already know what I think of algebra so I won't rant as to bore you.

I may not have forgotten my hair appointment but I did forget my checkbook. My British stylist, Peter O'Toole, takes only cash or checks. It had been so long--maybe four months-- since my last visit, it completely escaped me. I realized just as he was blowing my hair out; talk about embarrassed. He was super sweet--probably because he felt sorry for me as the dry heaves were problematic during the appointment. He was very clever acting like it was perfectly normal! He's right, it is perfectly normal for me. I am able to save the day a bit as I have to go back to Winter Park for class tonight so I'll drop it by on my way.

I was thinking on my drive there about the incredible variety of life. I keep wondering, what is it about certain things that interest one person so intently and the other is ambivalent? I was listening to some folk/gospel music on my way there and thinking that it would drive some people mad. It is an age old question and I suppose if we all liked the same stuff, the world might be far less interesting.

I forgot to mention that Bill passed all his licensing exams(three) last week, enabling him to become a financial specialist. He is working for Wachovia, and still in training, but it is way exciting news.

The twins turn 28 on Sunday; I can still remember like yesterday when my friend Connie was doing my ultrasound and said, Gail, I think I see two babies. Ultrasound was brand new and not nearly as sophisticated as today, but she saw enough. I wanted to die as we were shaky on having one baby, let alone two. Naturally, when I got home that day, I called our library and asked about all the books they had on twins. Guess what--four!!! That was long before the days of in-vitro and widespread use of fertility drugs. Identical twins are still rare and special, but you see fraternal twins all the time. Look how wonderfully it all turned out.

Our mouths are funny in this picture taken from my lap.
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