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Could I Have Been Anyone Other Than Me?

I wonder if my college career will answer that question. Do you suppose that when Dave Matthews wrote that song more than ten years ago he ever dreamed that he would indeed be a magnet for money? Our son Dave sure is.

Here's our little Baxter after his shampoo and haircut--it wore him out! Alissa comes to the house and has done it in the kitchen in the past, however, today she brought her own little salon in the form of a trailer. I'm glad she is doing well as she is a nice girl.

When it rains it pours I guess. Not only do I have a cold sore on my bottom lip, but last night after dinner at Tijuana Flats I came home with my tummy hurting a bit. That is not unusual for me but waking up at 4am is. I believe I had a slight case (by that I mean no vomiting) of food poisoning. Wow, was it miserable. I had a 7am appointment for a teeth cleaning which I went to with no shower or even my face washed. Fortunately, Karen knows me well, and my stomach stayed quiet throughout the procedure.

Well, here's some news. I got an email from some guy with a news service (reader generated I think?) out of Vancouver asking me if he could use one of my pictures from flickr for a story about dogs in strollers. Naturally I said yes, I have definitely seen plenty of that sort of thing at the market downtown--it is a veritable dog-fest.

Is it just me, or do you buy clothes with little packets of buttons with them? It seems as if the clothes that never lose their buttons include extras; the ones you could really use are no-shows.
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A headline I read online, from one of the local news outlets, caught my attention: "2017 Homicides in Vancouver on the Rise", or something to that effect. Thinking it might be worth reading, I checked it out learning that there have been 17 homicides here in 2017. No wonder a local homicide gets plenty of attention! Contrast that to the 84 so far this year in Orlando, and you'll get a notion why I feel so safe here.

For the record, there are still beautiful leaves to be seen, they have not all fallen, but lots of them sure have. The Japanese Maple trees are outstanding with such intense color it is hard to imagine.
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It must have been Thursday morning, during a little break in the rain, that I got out early to pick up the dry cleaning and food for Baxter. Dark and dreary still, this brightened my morning.

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