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Digital Immigrant

For the first time ever I managed to set up my new printer all by myself. When you live in a household of "native users", you naturally let them do all the technology work for you. At least, that's what I've done in the past. Now that they are scattered, I've had to fend for myself. Bruce would have done it for me, however, he said give it a try; by golly, it worked. My sister Maureen taught me those terms, "digital immigrant" and "native user"; I think it is pretty cute. All of my readers are smart enough to get it.

With my new printer operating, I opened iWorks (Apple's answer to MSOffice), and typed a sign to put up with my brand new prints for sale. I mentioned Roger from the market last week, remember him? We now have something to show for that encounter. He has the ability to print Giclee prints at his home for an incredibly reasonable price. I use that term Giclee loosely-- I believe it is like calling all tissues Kleenex. Nonetheless, he prints using archival paper, and inks; they turned out fantastic. As well, he puts them in those clear packages with foam core, all ready to sell. To tell you the truth, I could hardly believe it was my stuff. Because the price was so low he printed quite a few in two sizes, 8X10, and 11X14. I now have unframed prints for sale which are considerably easier to tote back and forth to the market. I sold four yesterday with very slim crowds. The heat did not add to the ambiance, I can tell you that! I forgot to mention that I spelled photography wrong--thus the signs were of no use. I'll blame that bit of silliness on being in hurry.

We did have a DJ though. It made the market seem livlier than it was. In one of those weird blasts from the pasts--I went to ask the DJ about playing something. He says--Hello, Mrs. Peck. Gosh, no one calls me that much anymore. Anyway, it turns out he was the drummer for our son Bills first ever band when he was 14. Now you all know that he is 28 and has had several bands along the way--but that one was special. For one thing--they practiced in our garage. The band was our Bill, Will, and another Bill. I wanted them to call themselves, Triple Bill; for some reason they rejected my idea. They were called Blunder. I remember how excited we were when they came in second place in a Battle of the Bands downtown. The neighbors were all thrilled when we moved.

As you can see, I still have not solved my uploading dilemma. I may have to switch this blog to a Mac one.

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