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I read yesterday that one out of four adults read no books last year. Personally I can't imagine life without books and I suspect you can't either if you are reading this. Nevertheless, I've pondered the statistic. I know that many casual readers choose their reading material from bestseller lists and if I had to choose from that I'd probably shy away from novels as well. It almost seems like some sort of conspiracy to promote only a few authors and the rest be damned. I know that there is loads of competition from the internet, video games, and all the rest. For me, there is nothing like losing myself in another life and location.

The pre-trial starts today for "Astronauts Gone Wild", apparently there was a lottery for news media parking places in front of the courthouse. Such a sad story--now that would make quite a novel.

Did I ever tell you that it was rain in California that drove me over the edge about moving back to Florida? A three year drought broke, opening the heavens, and it rained non-stop from January to May. I was absolutely certain I would lose my mind. When it rains here it is usually pretty violent but short-lived. There it was morning to night, day, after day. When you have a toddler in the house that can make for some very long days. Allegedly we are getting some much needed rain this weekend.

Saw in the paper: Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Impersonators, with workshops ad activities. $15. I've often wondered what would make a person decide to follow that career path aside from the resemblance.

I lied when I said Jonathan was over his shyness. A phone call to him today went badly. He told me he didn't need a lecture-- I said fine. This had to do with my suggestion that he call the woman at the temp office regarding prospects. We disagree about e-mail being good enough. I have not been frustrated with Jonathan in a very long time and it doesn't feel particularly good.

When Matt called the other evening he had just returned from seeing The Bourne Ultimatum. He loved it. A movie ticket in London cost $14 for one; good thing they are paying him gazillions.

School starts next week and I'm nervous all over again. Last summer I was off about the same amount of time however I spent about six weeks in bed so lots of it was a blur. When I was finally able to get up I worried that if I didn't go back I never would. I struggled terribly through that semester but I made it. I guess you know that I'm down to my final 10 hours before I get my AA. It's been interesting to say the least.

Lastly I was bragging about learning so much about my computer. If you cared you noticed that there was no link to my Mac photo gallery in the text. No idea why but it is now on the upper right corner if you are bored.

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