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I Could Have Filled the Tub with Saltwater...

Instead, I went to the beach. In an effort to heal my bites I decided that a trip to the ocean would be just the ticket; saltwater seems to have a healing effect. If you can imagine, the 15 bites on the back of my left thigh have not healed yet after more than two weeks. I wake up scratching them like a maniac. Wait, you've heard that before; I apologize. Believe me, I only wish it weren't still a topic of discussion.

So, I'm like a kid the week before school starts. I've had several field trips that you haven't been privy to. Yesterday I went to the Maitland Art Center. It's a really cool place that was founded in the 30's by Mary Bok. Now if you've been following my flickr at all, you know that for the 24 hours of flickr I posted a sign from Bok Tower that was the motto of Mr. Bok. At this point I'm not certain if it was his daughter in law, or what, but I'm planning of researching it. They must have been a cool family. The center is covered with Mayan art--relief sculptures with lovely grounds to roam. There are about six bungalows, originally artist's residences. They could live there for free while making art; I'll show it to you soon.

The picture posted today is the one for the calendar. I had a request for a viewing. The idea was to show architectural features of the homes in the old neighborhood--mostly they were built in the 20's. I've practically forgotten the other ones I submitted--at any rate, this is the one they chose.

Back on track now...after the art center I realized I was practically blocks away from the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. I've never been there before but was curious. Well, let me tell you, it is fascinating. They rehabilitate wounded birds, often sending them back out in to the wild. Those who will never be able to fend for themselves stay--also rent free (see above). Mostly they were in these wonderful huge aviaries, but as I was preparing to leave I came across a walled garden with wrought iron gates at either end. Wow--two bald eagles were the first birds I saw. The ones in their aviary were hiding from the heat so it was especially exciting to see these just sitting there. Both the male, and female, will never be able to leave. Wait until you see those pictures! I was quite close and I stuck the camera through the railings trying my best. As well, there were several owls and hawks.

I think I'll save today's adventures for tomorrow as I've worn myself out. You know that my brain has desires, and interests, and mostly it drags my body with it, but then my body rebels and says ENOUGH ALREADY!

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