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No Longer a Foster Parent

It's practically official. LeAnne bought a new dog yesterday; surprisingly, it is not a Yorkie. Bill did not participate in the purchase as he's not anxious to raise another puppy nor is he anxious to spend the money. She bought a Maltese which apparently does not bark like Baxter; a good thing when one lives in a condo. At any rate some of you know that Baxter came to live with us temporarily a year ago April. He's been a fixture in our little house but we always told Bill and LeAnne that he could go back to his rightful parents when they wanted him. Bill, in an act of tenderness towards his dad,realized it would break Bruce's heart because he is very attached to Baxter. Around 6 each day Baxter lays on the rug by the side door waiting for Bruce to arrive. He jumps like a Mexican jumping bean, barely waiting for Bruce to set his briefcase down before goading him to play. Sorta like the kids used to all pile on our bed and there would be this family wrestle. Can you imagine all five of them? I was solely a spectator. Baxter is mighty shaggy in this picture-- he's getting a haircut on Friday so we can see his big brown eyes again.

Some days you would think that I was not using the good sense I was born with. Today is one of those days as I thought "what would possess me to sign up for a class that gets over about an hour past the time I can stay up each night?" I've had an unusually icky day today spending a few hours on the couch napping. Hopefully by 6:15 when I need to leave I will be a new woman.

Rewind to the dog thing. Can you believe what they charge for these little dogs? Stunning actually. Talk about a case of "what the market will bear." LeAnne can afford the $1300, but seriously, that is a lot of money for an animal. At the market we are witness to all sorts of bizarre behavior from dogs and their owners. Strollers, outfits, carry bags--we've seen dogs treated like infants every Sunday.

I'm reading In America by Susan Sontag. Very good--apparently it won the National Book Award in 2000. Matt and I were discussing American culture and how it differs from British. I wonder if a lot of the world lives by the "que sera, sera" mentality, whereas Americans think, "what can we do about it?" Any thoughts?

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