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Off to School

Remember I told you last week I went to the Maitland Art Center--this is one of the pictures which I've put the sepia treatment on. My friend Amaya was on a sepia kick for a bit--I hope she likes this one.

I read this in the paper regarding huge portions at restaurants: "It's better to waste it than waist it" You know that quote comes from a woman don't you?

I'm heading over to school shortly but my first stop is the museum which is a few blocks away. I will be starting my internship there soon. Unfortunately the curator knows I've not been well and I'm thinking she is going to go easy on me. It's kind of her, but wasting one of her internship spots on me is not productive so I'm going to do my best to fulfill my obligations. Here's a link about Albin Polasek.Albin Polasek

It was two years ago almost to the day that I went to sign up at Valencia. Not knowing what I was getting myself into turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. I had to take the College Placement Test for which I was unprepared. Matt suggested I go ahead and take it that day so that's what I did. Hmmm...The language portions couldn't have gone better, no so much the math. I got a 27 on the algebra portion of the test proving that it is unnecessary for a successful life! Seriously when you never use something you definitely lose it. I was a good math student when young if you can believe it. That test doomed me to two math prep classes. I would probably be done by now except for that. One of the classes was four hours and I received NO credit. All joking aside I've come to realize that they teach a lot of worthless information and I think the curriculum should be updated. They've taught the same stuff for years which 95% of the school population never uses. Instead of algebra they should teach practical math applications. A computer class should be mandatory. That way people like me would be forced to take it and I would be better for it. As it is I prefer the humanities.

Elena asked what I'm studying. Well Miss I am getting an AA at the moment. Sorry for those who know this story but the deal is that when I was young my dad did not think girls needed to go to college. Thus, I went to x-ray school. Once our four sons had degrees Bruce thought I might want to go. I quit work and here I am two years later with ten hours to go. My graduation hopefully will coincide with Matt's Christmas visit. Because I go primarily in the daytime my classmates are all younger than my sons which is a tad weird but I'm used to it by now. I'm puzzling about my next step--keep going or not.

Naturally all that depends on my health. One of the questions I will have for the good Dr. Everett is how is it possible for me to still have bites from one month ago. I swear the itching is maddening! Bruce's were gone in one week but yours truly still looks like she has chickenpox on her legs. I totally dread the next round of tests.

Today is Goethe's birthday; I learned that from the radio today. The classical station played pieces inspired by Faust. I read that last spring in my World Lit class. When I got the assignment I thought I would never make it through but what helped was reading it aloud. You should have seen me in the pool with my big fat lit book on the edge reciting Faust. I ended up loving it.

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