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When the alarm went off this morning at 4AM I was already awake scratching those bites that won't go away. I had to get up and put some cream on them to keep me from doing more damage. Normally when Bruce has such an early flight I easily go back to sleep, but today I decided to stay up. After making tea I caught up on some of my computer stuff. Around 6:30 I threw on some clothes to photograph a sunrise over the city. I didn't get very far. As I was driving about 1/2 mile from the house I realized that lake front would be better. I parked the car and waited. It was fascinating to see the lake come to life. There were dragonflies floating above the reeds and ducks just beginning to swim about. Shortly thereafter a flock of birds started out of the reeds and just kept coming. It was a lovely sight.As you can see the sun came up out of the trees a brilliant red ball casting it's fiery glow on the water. I knew then that it would be another scorching day as the sky became hazy with the heat. No red skies for us.

Usually at this time of the year the tan I acquired in the spring is fading because we normally get rain every afternoon and it cuts down on swimming time. Not so these days. It has been unseasonably dry--in fact, things are getting parched. I've heard there is a tropical storm way out in the Atlantic which may turn things around. If you've lived in Florida any length of time you know that predictions of storms, and realized storms, are two entirely different things. Believing the forecasters would make a person too paranoid to live here.

I don't know if you are like me or not, but when I hear a song that really does it for me I can listen to it over and over again. I was reminded of that yesterday when I put Natalie Merchant Live on in the car. I could listen to Carnival,and Ophelia more times than seems possible. Same with Tears for Fears and Oleta Adams singing Woman in Chains. Love it.

Remember I told you I would spend time reading, swimming, and taking photographs? Well that about sums up today. I scooted over to Park Avenue in Winter Park for a little photowalk. Unfortunately I walked too far and had to sit down for a bit to make it back to the MINI. I did come across a great house designed by Gamble Rogers that I was not familiar with though. I was gone about two hours and worn out so home to read. I've left Afghanistan behind. What a splendid story that was. Now I'm reading The Tender Bar--good stuff. I know that should be italicized, but for some reason that is not working at the moment--I'll get it figured out.

Oh, BTW, Bill and Dave's condos are just across the lake you are seeing.
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