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Suprises All Day

My day used to include walking Baxter around 5pm while chatting with Jonathan on his way home from work. Lately neither one has happened. Jonathan has a new life, and Baxter is being uncommonly stubborn. In any case, I've been trying to get him to walk in the early morning before the intense heat of the day. You know me well enough by now to know that I take my camera everywhere. About a block from the house I spotted this briefcase in a hedge. I took the picture and sent it to Bruce asking what he thought I should do. After lunch he called and suggested I should phone the police and let them decide. I dialed 911 and the question was: "What is the nature of your emergency?" I replied that I didn't think it was an emergency but didn't know where else to call. I gave her the details and left my number.

About two hours later the phone rang. Without my reading glasses on, all I could make out was: City of Orlando. Naturally I thought it was the police. I thought wrong.

Remember the calendar photo contest I told you about? I submitted my four photos at City Hall early in July. The paper reported that the judging was August 1. When I didn't receive a call around that time I assumed that I didn't win. Guess what? I did! One of my photos was selected and will be the December picture. Because my birthday is in December it seems apropos! Apparently I win $100 as well. Thanks to Maureen for alerting me of this opportunity. Yeah, my first published photo.

The instructions were to send the original jpeg. No problem--oh wait, there is a problem. I can't find the picture!! Mild panic sets in. Eventually I remember the discs I've made. Fortunately I made lists of what was on each disc. Problem solved.

I checked later--the briefcase was gone.

Unrelated news--I think I mentioned how much Carol and Hank adored Baxter when they were here visiting. Sunday they picked up their new Yorkie puppy. They are pleased as punch with the new little guy.

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A headline I read online, from one of the local news outlets, caught my attention: "2017 Homicides in Vancouver on the Rise", or something to that effect. Thinking it might be worth reading, I checked it out learning that there have been 17 homicides here in 2017. No wonder a local homicide gets plenty of attention! Contrast that to the 84 so far this year in Orlando, and you'll get a notion why I feel so safe here.

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