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The Week at a Glance

Here's what's happening in my part of the world:

1. New online class starts today--Music Appreciation. Although I thought this would be a good class, and maybe it will be, the syllabus looks brutal. 10 quizzes with tons of assignments. This will require lots of discipline to do it right. As well, the first quiz is on melody, and harmony; I've had a mental block on music components since I was in elementary school. Maybe it will unlock itself with this class, but I'm nervous.

2. A gallery owner visited the booth on Sunday leaving me his card. I was happily chatting with one of my hospital friends who had come to the market to see me. It is super great for a familiar face to show up unexpectedly. At any rate, he asked me to call him which I did on Monday. His gallery participates in what is called Third Thursdays downtown. Galleries and restaurants have openings with special food deals. He said he liked my stuff and would like me to provide two 18X24 pieces. I questioned him on the subject matter etc. which he was vague about. Yesterday when I got home from the museum, plus visiting the lady for the festival on Saturday, I went through my stuff searching. I sent him about ten different images letting him know there were plenty more where those came from. He chose this one, as well as a very similar one in sepia. I'm ordering this morning for the market when I finish this and those two will be among them. I barely have time for this and he's probably starving for people to show but I suppose if it gets my stuff out to a different audience it will be good. His cut is 20%.

3. Speaking of having plenty of photos I spent two hours on the phone with Apple again last night as the computer froze up on me. The first helper got me frustrated because his instructions resulted in the loss of my 6,900 photos again. I was crazy as you can well imagine. He was annoyed that I was annoyed and put me on hold for another helper allegedly transferring me. After a twenty minute wait on hold I dialed the number again getting a helper within about two minutes. You can be sure I will be writing Apple a letter soon. Finally after searching all through stuff they were once again restored. I explained that I had no time for this foolishness--the second guy was much more sympathetic!

4. And so we are getting closer to the Art Festival. It is hard to know for sure but I expect there will be a big turn-out, let's hope it translates into more than networking! I met yesterday with the festival chair and she is indeed enthusiastic. Here background is in marketing so she seems to know what she is doing. I had not received my assigned spot yet and thought maybe I had misread the e-mails regarding my participation. Apparently two people had to back out of the committee leaving her overwhelmed.

5. Off to prepare my order than the outline and presentation of a scene from The Maltese Falcon. BTW, it's been raining cats and dogs for days now which is the forecast for all week, fortunately it started after we had returned from the market on Sunday. Let's hope this unseasonable weather departs prior to Saturday.

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