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A friend of mine said I was so consistent about blogging. She's right. When I say I will do something, I usually do. She is about twenty five years younger than me and that may be why she feels she is less consistent than I. Probably when you become a mother, as I did when I was 23, you begin to develop consistent habits. You really have no choice in the matter as your child needs feeding, bathing, rocking, and loving. Mind you, those are not necessarily in order. I'd really put loving in the top position.

As well, I've been in love with the same man forever. For those of you who don't know the story--I met Bruce when we were about 10, started going steady when I was 13, and here I am, two months shy of my 54th birthday, and he's still the one.

So, I hit the publish button only to realize I didn't explain the picture. Bruce used this gel for a few years only to have it disappear from shelves. This very week I looked online for it. A quick stop at Marshalls for tea and there it was. The great part is that not only did I find it, but it was on sale + another 25% off. He will have hair gel for two years after this find.

Consistent habits help when you take an online class. The assignments are there, you must do them in a specified time. I'm really enjoying the music class, much more than I thought I would. There's no excuse for not getting an A in that class as the quizzes are naturally all open book. I have a listening exercise that I've listened to once that I have to make assessments about. I'll need another session or two before I want to respond.

Remember that dreadful frog that I pictured some months ago. The windowsill is still occupied by the amphibian--he stays in the exact spot, day after day. I wonder what he's thinking, or what the purpose of his perch is.

Since I've gone camera crazy I feel like I've missed a lot about the world. I always considered myself someone who notices details. I must confess that I notice them tenfold these days.

David and Michelle are having a Halloween party. Fortunately for me, Michelle has dreamed up the idea that I will be a cat. Her intention is to apply false eyelashes and makeup Saturday afternoon before the big event. I am not a costume girl. When I worked a co-worker had an annual Halloween party and I was consistently challenged coming up with a costume. There's that consistency word again.

Maureen is working with Gus to change some bad habits--like doing his business in the house after a long walk. I'm hoping she will be successful. Do you think it is easier for dogs to change bad habits than humans?

Jonathan called and is doing beautifully at his position. He's still a temp there but the plan is to hire him after they sort out the temp agency situation. I always knew he would be successful.

I had a delightful surprise yesterday afternoon. I almost never use my cellphone--when it rings, I'm flustered. Can I find it at the bottom of my purse before it goes to missed call? While eating lunch I heard it ring, fortunately I retrieved it before it quit ringing. Wait--is that really ringing? I think it is gonging or some such thing. At any rate, it was Jennifer. You may remember that she was in my Historical Geology class in the Spring semester.By the way, for those of you who have wondered where that silly Bioclastic flickr name came from, now you know. It was a real joy to chat with her. She transfered to University of Florida (yes, the dreaded Gators if you are a Seminole fan) and things are going perfectly for her. She turned 21 recently. My children probably think it is plain crazy that young people like their old mom, but, it happens.
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