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Rain Out

Watch the City Council

City Council Meetings - Decisions 2007 gives you gavel to gavel coverage of the City of Orlando Council meetings. Meetings are broadcast the day of the meeting at 2 p.m. on Orange TV channel 9, and repeated Wednesday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. See Orange TV's broadcast sc

We certainly have some catching up to do.

The picture--terrible of course, but you get the idea. The Halloween party was a smash. The decorations were amazing, as was the food and guests. People came in an array of fun costumes. I didn't tell you that Bruce went as a witch doctor. The boys were so shocked Bill hardly knew it was his dad. I've put together a Picasa web album with the pictures; possibly I'll figure out how to make a link to it in the next few days. Unfortunately we didn't get home until about 1:30AM, about four hours past our bedtime. The market beckoned...

Another slow day at the market. Our neighbors, the plant vendors, joked that they had hit the bottom at the market--they just bought a new van hoping for an upswing. Nevertheless, I did sell something and the gentleman asked if I had more on the subject. Naturally, because I am camera crazy I had plenty more to share. I sent him a web album and hopefully he will order something else. If not tomorrow, maybe in the future.

We were so exhausted that as soon as I'd finished my homework and a meal of leftover party food, we hit the sack. Bruce had to leave before 5 AM today and won't return until Friday night. Ick!

Today was eventful. I had the other market at 9 where I duly set up. It was raining all night long and you guessed it--a rain out. Fortunately we did not close up before a family took three prints back to New Hampshire. It was fine by me. It rained steadily on my way home, but the traffic was fine, and I sailed along.

When I got home I checked my e-mail to see if the woman from the city had responded to one I sent before I left. No new e-mail. You see, this is the day that I allegedly was to get the money for having a winning entry to the city calendar photo contest. Here's the bottom line. The mayor presented certificates and a check for $100 at the city council meeting! I did not dress for the television camera. I looked fine, but had I known it was going to be on TV, I might have done better. Apparently, the council meetings are broadcast live, with the link above I should be able to see it for myself. However, I'm not able to open it. At any rate, it was interesting. What most interested me was the way that the mayor lifted his chin purposely with this goofy fake smile each time they took his picture. I suppose that I shouldn't even mention it because Lord knows, I can't take a decent picture to save my life, but I feel I must. I can just imagine how there are consultants coaching him on how to reduce his double chin in photographs, and how many teeth to show etc. That is the thing that I like so much about Patty Sheehan, the commissioner I showed in last week or so. Her smile seems so genuine that you cannot help being charmed by her. It turns out her aide won an award for being an outstanding employee; we walked out together. He was charming as well, professing his love for her, and her tireless work for the downtown district. I totally believed him.

Speaking of consultants--I have my own. Matthew called this afternoon and boy did we chat up the phone lines. Two hours or so. He is in management consulting--it is no wonder they pay him a ton. We discussed the market, writing argument papers for college, he gave me a tutorial on how to think critically about art (he reads the blog so knows my frustration with the film class), Glasgow, and Manchester (he was there last week), the cost of living in London (he's probably the only person you will ever hear of that is saving tons of money while living there), my upcoming speech (he's the inspiration), computer stuff, his visit to Orlando at Christmas, some ideas I had about future photography products, and more. Now you know what I'm talking about... I so miss it when we go two weeks without a phone call, I end up monopolizing the conversation which is sorta crazy. Typically, at this stage of my life I wouldn't be doing so much, and he'd be doing tons. He is doing tons, but, so am I. He thinks critically about everything, so when I propose an idea he has an answer for what is either good or bad about it. It's really invaluable advice and to think I get it for free. I can't wait to see him in less than two months.

Too add to the happiness of the day both Bill and Dave called. I'm a lucky mom.

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