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I realized yesterday that I seem to have been writing about some form of lawlessness in recent posts. If someone came upon my blog without knowing me they would think I live a fairly exciting life what with all these brushes with crime. Nothing could be farther from the truth most days.

Speaking of which, my friend Dean recently wrote in his newspaper column about reading Cormac McCarthy's novel The Road; I read that stunning book last fall in my World Literature class. I mention it because if ever there was a state of lawlessness, that book describes it. A father, and son, are the only two good guys left in a world left desolate from some sort of apocalyptic event--they are traveling on a road to nowhere. It is worth your attention if you have time, however, I will warn you that it is very bleak.

The newspaper continues to deteriorate almost daily. Yesterday I found the obituaries in the business section! A family had placed a loving tribute to their beloved mother describing in detail her life, and accomplishments; just below, there was a story about the decline in fortunes for the Krispy Kreme doughnut company--yikes, make them stop! Aside from Dean's column, there is almost no reason to subscribe anymore, and in fact, I'm going to try and convince Bruce of this plan.

We've got company coming!! Jonathan, and Alissa, will be making a quick stop on their way down to Ft. Lauderdale where they will board a ship for a week long cruise--graduation gift from her Mom. On Sunday, my sister Carol, and her dear husband Hank, will be arriving from California; their zip code is 90210. They have not been here since our Mom died, so we've got lots of catching up to do.

I'm not sure what to wear to my internship interview this afternoon--should I dress like a college student, or will there be different standards for a middle-aged woman? I've not been interviewed for probably 14 years; I probably should have gotten some pointers from someone on how to behave.

The baby swan hatched five days ago and is swimming about like a champ. When I arrived yesterday morning the family was not in it's protected enclave--I had to search for them. They were out and about in the big lake! Here they are heading back to safer territory.

You would also think from reading this that all I ever do is take photographs--you would be right for the most part. I did go to the movies yesterday afternoon though. I saw Denmark's entry for the Academy Awards--After the Wedding. It was a moving story, and there was fine acting--I highly recommend it. As well, I'm reading The Places in Between, Rory Stewart's account of his journey walking across Afghanistan. I love a world view.

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