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Busy Bee

I'm in a mess. I finally realized that I'm in school again and have to pay attention to dates. I've only started two classes and I've a third one starting soon which is online. I've never taken a totally online class before--another new experience. My film class is on site however we have to take quizzes on line which consists of a writing response to the film we watch. I only got a 90 on my last weeks one. He probably thought I was a nut when I said we liked the spoiled rich girl first and foremost because she was pretty. Her subsequent actions cemented our like of her but I wrote that we respond first to beauty the to actions. I know that sounds silly but I believe it's the truth. If it wasn't the case we wouldn't have beautiful actresses. Oh well.

I had my annual gyn appt this afternoon and he said I looked so much better than when he saw me last year. He wants me to have a bone density, mammogram, ultrasound, and a CA125, which is a tumor marker for ovarian cancer. I told him I'd think about it.

Peter put a lot of highlights in my hair, however, he left the back hair natural. Bruce is not crazy about the back but he said if it's fashionable he can get used to it. One thing that is awesome is that I don't have to do a thing to do with it! Awesome baby.

Any ideas about how I can memorize a movie monologue? I guess I will write it out about 100 times and maybe that will do the trick. I've chosen the scene in Million Dollar Baby when Maggie explains why she wants to be a boxer.

We are finally getting the rain that has been absent for much of the summer. We've been having some dreary days but I went out this morning early to Leu Gardens to take some flower shots. I still am struggling with my new camera in that regard. It seems as if I can't judge the zoom very well and I'm throwing away more than I'm keeping.

Tonight Bruce put a large bulletin board up in my office to help me keep organized. I've put my syllabuses up along with all my multiple passwords. Yikes, I can't keep them straight. I forgot to tell you that I'm in the process of setting up a virtual terminal with PayPal so we can take credit cards. All this stuff is taking up lots of time. Two weeks till the art show.

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