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What Will I Find To Write About After Next Week?

As most of you know the end is drawing near. I will have my AA by this time next week, give or take a day. I have decided to discontinue volunteering,(wait a second, they called me an intern) at the museum as well. I've learned that sitting in the gallery by myself is not the job for me. Yesterday I had three visitors, all came in the last 15 minutes of my shift. Karen hung the new exhibit on Sunday night called Chapeaux Rouge. Remember when I photographed both Michelle and Emily in the red hat? Well at the time there were few entries and she hinted she might include photography. I think she should have--some of the paintings have little to do with a red hat. On the other hand, some of them are super cool. I particularly liked the mixed media ones. Mr. Polasek had a big presence in Winter Park,thus you see his huge grave marker. I actually stopped to photograph an angel for someone I know that loves angels and I stumbled upon this. He never married until he was in his 70's, his wife died 18 months later and he ended up remarrying--proving, I guess, that it is never too late!

I've spent the day writing and listening. I wrote a response to a question posed on the website for film class about Memento. As well I wrote a paper on Taxi Driver
, and completed my listening exercise for Music Appreciation. That is a very hard assignment. There are six pieces of music that you listen to and identify all sorts of features. I kept listening to my CDs and then comparing the two. I wish I could say that I was confident about my answers but I'm not. The class was successful though because I now appreciate classical music more than I did even if I can't identify the era, composer, or place it would be performed. I nearly forgot another essay I wrote today--my speech class final detailing why I should get an A in the class--three pages. I have film class tonight and I don't want to go as I'm already tired.

I'll be photographing family in the next few days. Lisa and Emily are doing a 5K run on Saturday morning--I'll be there at the finish line. Michelle needs some head shots for a job opportunity. Now, as you all know, I'm hardly proficient at this stuff, but I'm certainly going to give it my best shot.

Bruce is flying home tonight from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The snow was coming down hard when he called. His remark was--this is the kind of weather that convinces people to move to Florida. I took a short break, eating my lunch outside under crystal blue skies and mild temperatures. Chicago is full of snow also. Jonathan posted some pictures on flickr of their first snowman. Alissa took one of him making a snow angel which thrilled them both. I'm hoping their enthusiasm does not wane during the coming months.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Vero Beach with Bruce. It is about 90 miles south of here, obviously on the coast. I figured I may as well enjoy my new freedom--don't you agree? At some point we need to remember that Christmas is coming.....

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