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Morning Sun

Here is the new quilt with the morning sun streaming through the blinds. It's really a perfect match for our furnishings and the paint color of the room. The dust ruffle is still a work in progress. It's very challenging to find dust ruffles these day--maybe because of platform beds. I like having storage space under my bed, thank you very much.

I'm typing this on my brand new iMac. Let me tell you, I believe I'm already in love. The keyboard is super nice. Here's the most incredible part about this whole thing. Matt, of course, suggested I look at one. I was immediately amazed at the no cord business. I looked a few days ago and today Bruce said--just go get it. Well, he didn't have to tell me twice. I had a super nice young man as a salesman--Tom. That was my dad's name. At any rate, I was nervous about learning something new but I decided to give it a shot. Of course I knew that Matt could help me if I was in a pinch. I didn't know just how much. When I arrived home I sent him an e-mail in London--fortunately it wasn't too late at the time. He got right back with me and get this--he took control of my computer from London and loaded all my essentials, including this! It was so fun watching the screen change from this to that.

I spent a good part of yesterday burning all my pictures on DVDs so that I could put them on some new computer. My old one was running as slow as molasses. Bruce was appalled and wondered why I was putting up with it. Well--no longer. I'm so excited.

One thing though, there was about the biggest thunder and lightening storm happening during the final portion of my conversation with Matt. We had ended the meeting session on the computer when the storm starting picking up. It sounded like gun shots from the sky. Really spectacular. Unfortunately it kicked off the power and with that my beautiful new computer went dark.

Happily, it is back on now.

Thank God Bruce is safe. He was flying home from Ohio while the storm was lashing. Apparently he was in a small plane and drinks were flying; he went flying up himself and his head hit the ceiling of the plane. My poor baby. They diverted the plane to Tampa so now he won't be home till I'm not even sure. He called from there and said it was possibly the worst flight he's been on. As you can imagine he's been on plenty. He's worked for Darden for 15 years in November and traveled most every week all these years. He is amazing about it--he never lets the travel complications get to him. Fortunately Matthew has inherited that gene and just goes with the flow.

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