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Who's He Talking About?

Gail Peck sets out to represent the environment through which she
moves. Whether it's a neighbor's yard or local landmarks like Leu
Gardens, Peck seeks the beautiful in the details of her lived
experience. Appropriate to Florida, many of her photographs are
naturally lit, but as the work shown here makes clear, beauty and
sunshine don't preclude melancholy. Beyond the contrast of light and
dark, these images place other artists' work in a natural context,
inviting viewers to contemplate the relationship between made and

Do you recognize that woman in either print or photo?

I asked Matthew to write a little blurb about me to put up in the bistro with the prints as the owner requested. I sent the images to Matt; you just read what he came up with. Should he be writing for the "New Yorker" or what? I was so pleased. I might add that he said, "here's something to start with." LOL, I'm not changing a thing.

I'm embracing the waves in the back of my head with this new haircut. Earlier this week I saw a girl with a haircut I liked in the Nordstrom catalog. As I've gotten older, the thick hair in the back has gotten increasingly wavy. It took energy to tame that mane of mine. I asked my stylist, Peter O'Toole if he thought it would work; he said it would be perfect. What I'm going to like most about it, aside from it being cooler, is the short sides. I hate it when your hair is about chin length-- it gets in your mouth when you eat. I know that sounds icky, but hey, it's the truth. He cut off many inches. After I had it done, I went to the museum to continue my data entry job. I brought my Shuffle with me today as I'm in a room by myself--boohoo! As I sat there I thought maybe I should take a quick picture of what it is supposed to look like. It'll be a reference when I can't really do it myself. He promises it is wash and wear--right up my alley.

David called last night around 9. It seems as if Michelle's car was broken into in the Florida Mall parking lot. I mean that literally--they broke the window and stole her laptop in daylight. Unfortunately, Orlando is in the midst of a crime wave. Every day you hear about these bold robberies taking place at ATMs, houses, hotels, and parking lots. I'm uncertain why this is happening as it used to be a pretty quiet place. The car is a bummer; the laptop a nightmare. It contained her whole work life which is pretty miserable to replace. There's debate whether it is better to leave things unlocked so they can just snatch and grab, rather than smash and grab. What do you think?

The prints are at the framers, and of all things, the quilt arrived in today's post.
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