Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's All in Your Head

Forgive me if I've already shown you my nifty shoes I bought to take photos in. That does sound silly, but I don't care to wear regular tennis shoes around much and these work great walking through wet grass, and wherever else my photographic adventures take me.

Last night after watching Memento I heard the Gorillaz song that has that lyric in it--it's all in your head. As those of you who've seen that film know there is a large part of the story line that relates to that thought.

When you have not felt well for as long as I have without any definitive diagnosis many people begin to think it's all in the head. I wonder about that same thing myself. I keep thinking that if I ignore the symptoms they will go away. If I don't think about them, or talk about them, they will go away. I have several good days when it seems as if I can put this dreadful year and a half behind me, only for the dry heaves to resurface. I'm really at my wits end some days. I've spent time puzzling about what could be making this happen to me--is it really all in my head? I have not found any reason for this to be the case. I've kept busy doing something I love and all of you know how great Bruce and I get along. What, oh what is the answer?

Have I mentioned how warm it's been? I took this photo this morning--as you can see I'm wearing shorts.

Maureen's car is finally being released by the sheriff's department. She called this evening looking for a ride tomorrow to Deland which is about 45 miles from here. Tomorrow will be two weeks since she discovered it's absence. We still have no idea regarding the car's condition.

Bruce returns tomorrow evening--hallelujah!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Magic of Magnets

Here is the MRI gang after my scans. Jo is second from the left, Bonita the far right, and the other two are helpers I don't know.

I remember the first time I heard that they had discovered a way to use electromagnets for imaging. It was probably at least twenty years ago. At the time they called it Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging for what reason I don't know as there has never been any radiation associated with it. We now take it for granted, but it is an incredible technology. The discovery of this astounding fact will be studied by future generations. Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen discovered x-rays accidentaly in November of 1895. Back then it took nearly 30 minutes of radiation to make one image (his hand.) Incredible isn't it? X-rays used to be called Roentgenograms. Sound waves used in ultrasound is another amazing discovery. When I first began taking x-rays in 1971 there were two alternatives, either x-ray, or nuclear medicine. A lot has changed since then.

The resonance part of the name most certainly must refer to the incredible sounds the machine makes. I counted nearly six different ones, including a car alarm sound, a tapping, a machine gun sound that morphs into two machine gun sounds, and others I no longer remember. Jo explained that she never minds performing MRIs, but hates to have them herself; she gets through it by counting the sounds because she knows how many cycles they represent--thus how soon she can be done! I don't mind them myself. I close my eyes and zone out. I was shivering before we started, but they wrapped me in a cocoon of blankets, and I was fine.

While at the hospital I had my mammogram and a pelvic ultrasound at the insistence of my GYN. He feels better that I keep a check on my ovaries after my mom's cancer. I'm not too concerned, but I relented. The young woman who did my mammogram is pretty new at it. She used to be clerical staff a few years ago and then went to Valencia to be a radiographer. After I left they have used a number of new girls. I knew that Cory was probably nervous doing my mammogram as I used to be known as the "Mammo Queen." I told her no worries--she did wonderfully. She admitted she was very nervous and was pleased when they came out great the first time. (It may have helped that I positioned myself.) I hadn't been in my room since I left a little over two years ago; it was very weird. There were still a few of my funny jokes and such on the bulletin board. Hard to believe I spent 40 hours a week in that room for ten years.

Karol did my ultrasound; she's another long time friend. After the pelvic, she put some gel on the transducer, and took a look at my right upper quadrant. Because I am so thin the scan was perfectly clear. She showed me my kidney, gall bladder, aorta, pancreas,and liver. You can see the hepatic artery, as well as the superior vena cava. She was wishing one of the students could come in to see what a pretty scan looks like. What you are wanting to know is if she saw anything abnormal and she did not. Dr. Walzack, the radiologist and I chatted and he'll call me if he sees anything.

When I first began school a little over two years ago I imagined I would be so thrilled to be graduating from there. That I am, but in some ways it is anti-climactic. I just want to be done--no fanfare please.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tangerine Dreams

I decided to turn my tangerine purchase into juice. Can you believe how many seeds there are in these babies? I didn't know before I started cutting them that they were chock full--it would have been a pain eating them out of hand with so many seeds. The juice is delicious and so pretty--a very deep orange color.

Yesterday's doctor visit was interesting to say the least. Bruce arrived a few minutes before me. I proceeded to check in and the wait began. Now, contrary to most doctors, Dr. Everett usually runs very close to on time--at least until he gets a patient like me. At any rate, that was not the case yesterday. My appointment was for 2:00; we did not go back until 3, with him coming in the room at 3:20. However, once he was there, he was very attentive, listening to both Bruce and me. We are back on the track of the autonomic nervous system. I'm going to have another couple MRI's soon to look for any changes in my trunk. In fact I just got off the phone with the MRI tech from the hospital asking if she'll fit me in. As is always the case, I broke down in tears, but, only briefly.

Another poor showing yesterday at my reliable market. No need to re-order this week! I think I may have mentioned that I talked one of the other downtown vendors into coming out there with her beautiful jewelry and stained glass. Because we had so few customers we got to chit chat. I was terribly saddened to learn that she lost one of her children. He died in an accident when he was 16. I've always thought that losing a child must be one of the most devastating things a person can survive. A baby would be hard to lose, but the thought of a child that you have nurtured, and has been an important part of your life for so many years is too horrible to contemplate. Somehow after a year of hibernating she began living again.

I've written my thank you note to the curator for the opportunity to be an intern. I'd not read the intern manual, so had no clue I needed to, but my professor that advises me reminded me it is part of my grade. For some reason this seems backward to me. You would think they would be thanking me for spending my tuition money, and time, to help them keep the doors open. Seriously, they use volunteers to man the gallery admissions desk--there are not enough to fill all the hours. Nevertheless, it is ready for delivery.

Bruce is gone again until Friday afternoon; I woke up at 5:20 this morning to find his side of the bed empty. I never even budged while he was getting ready. Speaking of Mr. Bruce, he is a bit of a curmudgeon in the weeks leading up to Christmas. He has no interest in decorations etc. What I must tell you is that the closer it gets, the more interest he takes. He always buys me wonderful gifts which I hardly know I need, or want, until he gives them. A case in point is a digital camera. For several years he kept saying he was sure I would love one. The problem was that I could hardly see the screen on his, fumbling with it when I tried. This last Christmas he decided he would get me one whether I wanted one or not. Well, you see what has happened with that gift. Two hours of battery charge and I was on my way!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Amazing Bruce

Here is the ever patient Bruce sitting in the MINI while I'm across the street taking photos. What a support system I have! I've got an appointment with my internist tomorrow, Bruce is coming along to plead with him to find out what is wrong with his little wife.

I got skunked at the market today; a disappointment sure, but there are certainly worse things in life aren't there?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Meet Vernelle

After the hustle and bustle of the last few days Bruce and I took a road trip in the MINI. Bypassing the interstate we drove to Howey in the Hills. Turns out it is a super small town with one interesting site. Mr. Howey built a mansion in the '30's which we stumbled upon. Turns out some Presidents' have stayed there in it's heyday. It so reminded me of a favorite Nancy Drew book--The Mystery at the Moss-Covered Mansion. It is really some sort of ivy but still...

Prior to arriving there I saw this road side fruit stand in Groveland. Vernelle was very nice and thrilled that I took her picture. She is the retired postmistress of Howey in the Hills,now keeping a closer eye on her fruit stand. I purchased a bag of tangerines to make some juice and when she saw there was a split one in the bag she immediately replaced it. No defective fruit from her trees. It turns out she has 200 trees behind her house, picking what she sells each morning. This is definitely a vanishing part of Florida life.

The trip was absolutely perfect. We had lunch at Yahala Bakery, a wonderful German bakery in what seems like the middle of nowhere.

Returning, we took another back road that was hilly. Now if you live in any other state than Florida this is no big deal, but we're flatlanders around here. I was so excited! Beautiful pink wild grasses, waving in the breeze, in the pastures. Perfect.

I asked Bruce when was the last time that you went anywhere and there was almost no traffic? His four hours to go 45 miles in the DC area is still fresh in his mind. We leisurely made our way back to Orlando through several other tiny towns.

Originally we'd intended to go to the movies; I'm so thrilled we changed our mind!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

From Jonathan's Blog

the mushroom kingdom
My baby car!!!

We Made It!

Another Thanksgiving has passed and we've much to be thankful for. Good company with good food is a winning combination. I wish I could report that I have loads of good photos of the event but I would be lying. Here's the best of half of the food. I haven't checked my other camera but I suspect those will be no better. Putting my efforts into the food is primary on a day like today! Bruce did all the clean up bless his heart. We missed some of our family but their absence can't be helped.

Speaking of absence, Maureen received a call this morning when she was helping me get the turkey in the oven--the car has been recovered. We're still unsure of the condition--it is about 50 miles away. Hopefully tomorrow will clarify the situation.

Jonathan called early to say they were on their way to the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade and it was snowing! He will always remember his first snowfall.

Lastly, Maureen called to tell me that on the Ovation Network that they are celebrating Photography this week and all programming is related to those who take photographs and how they do it. I've watched a few of the shows and highly recommend it if you get that channel.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve

While I was eating lunch I heard the sound of a delivery truck out front. Because the weather is so warm I had the doors open and can hear all the neighborhood happenings.I digress--the doorbell rang, and what should I find but a box of flowers from the Spaks! I immediately called Lisa to thank her,she said she had no part in it--it was her sweet husband's doing. Thank you Danny! You can see what a lovely bouquet it is.

It's been a very long time since I spent the day cooking, but I did it today I'm thrilled to report. It is only 6:30, and I'll probably be in bed by 8, but it's only once a year. We expect 15 tomorrow.

Here's the menu:
18 lb turkey (hopefully, it will be enough with a few light eaters and a vegetarian in the bunch)
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Sausage dressing (my parents were from the North--thus we don't call it the Southern name--stuffing)
Green beans with mushrooms and shallots
Corn with bacon and green onions
Savory cornbread pudding
Crescent rolls
Apple pie with homemade vanilla ice cream
Pumpkin pie with whipped cream

Here's what I made today:
compound butter with fresh herbs for the turkey
chopped onions and celery for the dressing
vanilla ice cream
pumpkin pie
apple pie (sliced apples etc.)
cornbread pudding
chicken noodle soup for dinner
spiced pecans

There may have been more, but that's what I remember for now.

I was getting worried because Bruce was to have arrived in Orlando at 2:30 and wasn't home by 4. I thought surely he had been delayed with holiday traffic. Not the case at all. I left a message on his cell, when he returned the call I mentioned that I was hoping he'd be our sommelier. He said maybe. When he did arrive home he surprised me--he had been shopping at Whole Foods all that time;he brought home some very nice wines. I guess that's what happens when you've been married for 34 years--you anticipate needs.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday. Cheers.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Eve of Thanksgiving Eve

Two places I spend time that you've heard about. Obviously the one is of Lake Eola where I do the Sunday market. The other is the door to the gallery where I spend Tuesday and Saturday. Have I mentioned that the museum is in the National Register of Historic Places? I was considering volunteering there after my internship is up but I'm reconsidering. I really hate sitting there when there are no visitors. I want to be outside in the two acres of beautiful lakeside grounds--today there were only five visitors who arrived five minutes before my time was up.

Speaking of lakes, I often take pictures that are lakeside and for good reason. I did a Google search and found that there are over 120 lakes in Orlando! Within two houses of our front door is a lake and seven houses the other way is another. About one block behind us is another huge lake, on the way to the grocery store(less than a mile) is yet another that Bill and Dave live on. As you can imagine there is water and birds everywhere. When I was 15 my family moved to Melbourne. I remember it being so weird that there were only about two lakes in the region, however, they do have the ocean. Sometimes during the two miserable years we were apart, Bruce would come to Melbourne to visit, we would ride our bikes to the beach, however, I couldn't get out of Melbourne fast enough coming right back to Orlando when I graduated high school. Six weeks later I was in x-ray school, living with Maureen, and the rest is history as they say.

Baxter got a much needed shearing today. While that was going on I zoomed up to the grocery store to buy the Thanksgiving goodies. Returning, I was happy to get a call from Matthew. This will be his first Thanksgiving working. He reminded me that last year he went to Copenhagen during the Thanksgiving holidays. He reminisced about that trip and how cool Scandinavia is. I will miss both Matthew and Jonathan (and Alissa) on Thanksgiving. That I will be reminded of our Mom goes without saying.

This time of the year I guess I'm mentioning her more than typical because this is when things went bad. I won't go into the details but I will tell you that it was on Thanksgiving four years ago that she went into a semi-coma and died on Monday afternoon. Each passing year it gets easier but I suppose you never get over losing your Mom. I've no doubt my boys will miss me terribly when it is my time.

Enough already!!! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around Orlando--I'll be sharing that soon enough. Did I ever tell you that Matt decorated our tree the year he was nine? We moved into a new house nine days before Christmas, Jonathan was two and the twins were five. You already know what a hand full Jonathan was--my, oh my, that is a funny memory.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Matt's best friend Liza's family sells gourmet vanilla. Her dad came out to the market today with his beautiful bottles to sell to the tourists and they bought. These little beauties are not only cute, but the fragrance is so intense--wonderful. They have a website if anyone is interested let me know. They get their vanilla beans from Madagascar and them steep for a year in alcohol with no additives. Next time you buy vanilla extract make sure you check the ingredients--there is filler in them there bottles.

Remember how I mentioned that I don't realize the dates too well? Hmmm...I missed an assignment because of that. I was thinking that today was the 18th and I could do my listening assignment this morning when I got up around 6. I was beat last evening and in bed before 9. At any rate when I went to the website to do the work it was gone because yesterday was the 18th. Bummer as it cost me 30 points. So far I have an A in that class; I hope this does not propel me to a B. I've got 20th century music lecture left to listen to with a quiz for that. A third listening assignment is posted and then I believe I'll only have the final to do. Almost there good friends.

Bruce had to leave again super early this morning to be home for Thanksgiving. We'll be hosting the dinner as always so after the museum tomorrow I will do the shopping. This year may have to be a scaled down version but we'll see.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Not Too Bad

Typically I take a horrible picture, however, this one is not too bad! I received it in my e-mail box on Saturday afternoon. I am the puny blonde in the group.

Friday after school Bruce and I went to Ikea. Now for those of you with an Ikea in your town this is no big deal. Here, it is a big deal. It was way too big for me right now, I was too worn out after a short while. I am at my best in the morning and oftentimes it is down hill from there. Bruce is fine by the way with a nice new sweater to show for his trip.

Dave and Michelle came over yesterday to pick up some pictures for their dining room. I had them printed on canvas and I think everyone is pleased with the results. Michelle wanted to play makeup again even though I was feeling puny--it improved my appearance dramatically!

I haven't told you yet but Maureen had her car stolen out of her driveway on Thursday night. This is very bad news--to date it has not been recovered. This would be terrible for anyone but when you are a single woman it is earth shattering. Why, oh why can't people leave other people's stuff alone?

The market was pleasant today. One thing that makes me so happy is when someone buys one of my pictures for a gift. Today a young woman wanted one of our framed pictures and left a deposit. She went home for cash; returning she ended up buying another one for her brother for Christmas. Now who wouldn't like that?

I had a rough night last night, and I'm wearing out now, so I will say goodnight, and a good start to the week for all.

Friday, November 16, 2007

She Won't Be Dressed Like This Today.....

Unless she is a college student; the high will only be 68 today which is cold to Floridians. During the winter I have seen girls come to school with bare midriffs, sandals, and tank tops. It boggles my mind how they do it. Have you ever wondered how it is that woman, who typically get the coldest, wear the least when going to fancy events? I mean really, men wear an undershirt, dress shirt, with a coat and tie--woman wear spaghetti straps--go figure.

Ohio has not been good to our dear Bruce. First, he got that speeding ticket there--bummer. Secondly, the job has been very difficult with the contractor not keeping up with the schedule, and now this. Fortunately he was driving a Volvo yesterday when a stretch van rear-ended him at a stop light. It is the first time in 15 years of traveling that he's had any problem, actually it is the first time in his life he's been in an accident. He was not hurt, thank God. I've heard from him this morning, and although he's a little sore, everything is working. This job is nearly complete, the inspection is Monday; he can't get out of Ohio fast enough. I wonder if that's how my parents felt? You may know that I was born there. We made a one year stop in Buffalo, New York, before moving to Orlando when I was four. My sister Nancy was born during the Buffalo stop. Lisa, my baby sister, is the only one of us to be born right here in Orlando.

Very few attendees at the gallery thing last night, but that's ok. Maureen and Lynn were kind enough to come and support me. I left early because I had homework to do. I listened to music lectures yesterday while ironing (I'd put it off for as long as I could), and wanted to take the quiz while the material was still fresh.

Did I mention that Jonathan was officially hired? Here's where he's working: He and Alissa are getting to know folks and have lots to keep them busy in Chicago. I'm still amazed at Jonathan's transformation!

I have yet to do my speech outline and it's due today at 1. What am I waiting for, divine inspiration?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Here's the sign in the window for the gallery, re: tomorrow night. I've got two new pictures there.

Speaking of which I was in a bit of a quandary--my dear neighbor wanted to purchase one of the pictures that were hung last month. During the open house she said you should put a sold sign on the one, thinking that would entice someone else. Unfortunately, the price on it that was just way too much. When Bruce picked them up on Saturday for me the curator remarked that the only way they stay in business is through commissions; what happened with the buyer? Well, I didn't know what to do, so I asked the curator at the museum. She said to negotiate a price and then give the commission on that price. It was awkward doing so but Regina and I came to an agreement after I told her the scoop. I went there today to settle up (thus the photo) but he wasn't there. I got his cell phone number, maybe it would have been easier on the phone, but I decided to wait and work it out tomorrow night. I am learning as I go.

A title for one of the obituaries today said a woman's passion was counseling recovering addicts. I thought that my passion is probably a little easier to accomplish on a day to day basis. You don't think she pulled her car over when she saw someone she thought might need help do you?

Another entry was a four month old child. I feel bad about a baby dying, for sure, but what caught my eye was her name (I guess it is a she) Laniya Kimora--mother's name Whytnea. Hmmmm.......

Corn meal mush does not have the same panache as polenta. For that matter, creamy rice isn't nearly as romantic-sounding as risotto.

Only about 3 1/2 weeks left till I'm done with my AA!! Tonight we are watching Taxi Driver, next week Momento, another paper, a final, and film is done. I've still got to do my dreaded outline for my persuasive speech which will happen on the 30th. I spent part of today listening to my music class lectures about the Romantic period in music--it's good.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Makeshift Studio

I can't resist the morning light! I wanted to get the shadow of the vase--as you can see I tried to get the vase up higher than the plant shadows by placing it on an upside down laundry basket on a chair. Then I realized that I couldn't figure out a way to get rid of the laundry basket in the shot so I covered it with a black dish towel. This is the sort of thing camera crazy women do!

The flower vendor from the market gave me these when it was close up time; I couldn't bear to not take some pictures of them.

Did I tell you that they are lining up for the Ikea opening tomorrow?

Monday, November 12, 2007

It Never Fails

You might remember how I told you about the two door dilemma that trick or treaters face at our house, well, so do phone book delivery folks. EVERY year we get two sets of phone books! How can they not notice it is the same house???

Speaking of phone book deliveries--we delivered phone books one year to earn extra money when I was staying home with Jonathan before he went to elementary school. You may not know how terribly difficult Jonathan was as a little boy. To say that he was totally wild is a bit of an understatement. If you met him today you would be astounded as he is very mild mannered (except when watching sports!) and a perfect gentleman. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that leaving him with someone else was out of the question. I can remember dragging a luggage trolley thing with phone books on it in our neighborhood. So, I lied before when I told you the only thing I ever did to earn money was take x-rays. I also sold Tupperware for a few months when we lived in California--I was no good at sales. Still not so good, but trying.

Because I like to keep you up on the latest animal crazes, here is a photo from Lake Eola yesterday of a man and his pet rabbit. He carried it in his arms through the market, apparently letting it have a little free time in this picture. I got a good look and the front was a deep black with a deep brown color taking over about mid-abdomen. It was a very pretty pet, but you have to wonder why someone would want a rabbit--at least they don't bark.

Today my first photo was purchased to cross the Atlantic--heading to Britain to be exact. How about that?

Christmas Dogs

I suspect this photo will be appreciated by my blog readers. A new market vendor from yesterday, they set up this booth for people to have a Christmas photo, presumably for cards? My favorite parts are the man's butt crack in front and the crooked star on the tree. Try to look at it big and see how ridiculous those little dogs look in that setting. I mean really. They are a ways away from us but I suspect with the amount of dogs we see every week that they will do well. Speaking of dogs we took Baxter with us yesterday and he was eerily good. You may recall in the past he barked, and fussed at all the dogs that came by, not assuming the role of customer magnet we had hoped. He is adorable, but not so much when he is barking. Yesterday however he was almost quiet as a mouse and sat on Bruce's lap most of the time looking sweet. To date we have no plans to visit the Glamour Puss booth.

It has been days since I last wrote because I've just not been able to fit it in. I did the Darden craft fair on Thursday and Friday. I sold 21 prints--mostly small. I did meet some potential customers though which could turn out well for me. It is challenging to figure out what to print for events. I've been told when you think you have it figured out it changes. I'd had a print of a surfer coming out of the water with his board on his head for nearly a month. I sold it on Thursday to a girl who wanted it for her desk (framed and in place by Friday morning I heard). Friday morning someone came to the table and asked for the surfer--oh, you don't have two? Well, no I didn't!

Saturday I was at the museum, then trying to get some house work done, as well as home work! I'm caught up on my music for the moment with my concert review graded already. I've got two more quizzes in that class--I can't remember what else. I listen to the on-line lectures in my office ,the music in my car, and read the chapters when I'm sitting at the museum. It's been a good experience taking an online class but I do wonder what the professor looks like.

Which brings you up to date. The weather here has been spectacular; it is a crime to stay inside on days like these. The market was comfortable, and even enjoyable, for the first time in months. I sold more prints and made more contacts that might be beneficial. One of those contacts is a man Bruce talked to at a neighborhood restaurant while taking his mom to lunch yesterday. (he did bring me back a nice sandwich); he's a web designer who came over to the market to meet me after having his lunch. Let us hope something will come from this!

Off to my Monday market and then NO selling for some days. Oh yeah, Bruce picked up my prints from the gallery replacing them with two more for this months show. You would think this was a full-time business wouldn't you?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Half Yearly Sale

Currently listening to "Sofia" by Good Shoes on Britpop!

I was determined not to miss the half-yearly sale at Nordstrom like I did the anniversary sale. I am a huge fan of Skagen watches and they always have some on sale nearly half price. My trusty silver one could not be fixed, thus I needed a new one. I am all about sales. I got a new one with a black face, but it does not have the mesh band I so like. This one is good though. I also bought some new jeans and two tops. When I chatted with Bruce he was thrilled I felt like going.

First thing I did this morning was to write my concert review for my Music Appreciation class. I neglected to tell you that I went to a piano concert on Saturday night at Rollins College. The performer was Jean-Phillipe Collard if that means anything to you--it didn't to me. I was disappointed with the experience partly because I didn't particularly like the music; although technically proficient,(he is an international performer after all) he displayed no personality. I've never been to a live music performance when the star does not say one word to the audience--not even one!! Even if he doesn't speak English he could have at least said merci for crying out loud. Maybe this is typical, I don't know, but it made for a very sterile evening. The best piece was the encore.

I'm all set up at Darden. I hope the other folks don't consider me an interloper. We'll see what people think at 7 in the morning.

Much to my delight, the weather continues to be perfect

Time to walk Baxter before I leave for class; I hope I can stay awake until 10. Actually after class I have to stop by Mr. Roger's house to pick up some prints! Only five more weeks to go.

Happy Birthday Judy--my dear sister-in-law of 34 years now.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gail Price Peck

Maybe it was the presence of my maiden name? I am participating in a two day art fair at Darden on Thursday and Friday. For those of you who don't know: Darden is the name of the company Bruce works for. Apparently every item has to be marked with a price and name, thus the stickers.

I'm feeling a little puny tonight---forgive my brevity.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Standard Time

The clock does not even say 9 yet I'm tired. I'm planning on hanging in there until at least 9 anyway. Bruce has had to leave again so it's just me and my Baxter. Because we finally have the windows open (you can shout for joy with me at this point if you like) we can now hear the outside world again. It's really extraordinary how even a quiet neighborhood has sounds that go unnoticed when we are sealed in our air-conditioned worlds. For one thing we can now hear the trains at night. I love the sound. Although they are on the other side of Orange Avenue I think the sound carries across the lake to us. I remember the first night we lived here and heard it--we knew it was good.
As well there are birds everywhere again. They like the cooler weather too. I want you to know that the cardinals are back. Yesterday afternoon the male was right outside the office window. Last night when we were already in bed we heard an owl. Baxter heard it too and ran out to the living room barking. It was really sort of comical. When I was walking him late this afternoon a neighbor woman told me that she had seen it and it was huge--more than a foot tall. Actually she told me that approximately eight times. It could have been more but I lost count. Do you ever do that? Say the same thing repeatedly? I hope if I do someone will be kind enough to stop me.

Some yeah items:

No regular market yesterday as the park was taken over with a huge festival--good to have the day off.

The Seminoles won on Saturday night--fantastic!

I got to hang out with Bruce on Saturday. We did a few errands and to his office. Baxter came along at Bruce's insistence. I may have mentioned a time or two that Baxter is very lovable--well, I had gone to get something; when I came down the hall. one of Bruce's colleagues was laying on the floor rubbing our little dog. He's simply irresistible.

Did I tell you the speech, and cupcakes went over well? The students were amazed at how tasty they were. I went over in time a bit, but otherwise it was good. There was drama associated with the class, but I was merely an observer.

The weather was super today for the little market. Seven prints went to Boston, Virginia, and New Jersey. I am happy for the group that are visiting Orlando this week because we finally have our version of fall.

Before I forget--I took this picture at the barn that houses our sheriff's department horses. I was around the corrals and the caretaker invited me in. It is on my way to many places, so I stop when I've got the picture taking bug--wait a minute--I've got that every day. If you've got a moment look at it big--you see the horse knows I'm there leaning in taking this and he's got his head turned. I love the afternoon light myself. What a ponytail.

Happy Monday

Friday, November 2, 2007

Mini Cupcakes

Matt won't do my homework for me, but Michelle will! You see, I sent Matt an e-mail asking if he would do my outline for the speech for me. I hate to do outlines--really I know what I'm going to say, so why put it down in an outline? It is required however, as are note cards. Matt was kind enough to send the template to me, but declined to do the actual work. Not so Michelle.

I called her looking for a plastic tray to take the cupcakes to school. Eureka--I could practice my speech on her! As it turned out, I was way too wordy (imagine that), going over my time by lots. She helped me edit it down with suggestions of what I could leave out. Now, I want you to know that I had done the outline myself, albeit not that great. Again, it was too wordy, so she parsed it down, we got a new one printed up, and I'm get to go. She insisted on the note cards (as does my professor). We wrote them in big letters with a Sharpie to keep me on track. You see the cute little cupcakes before you. I made them yesterday morning around 6:30; this recipe seems to taste better after a day. I just wish it would get here, and I could get it over with. When I signed up for speech I didn't know that Bruce would be out of town so much. It is much easier to practice with an audience than just mumbling to myself as I walk Mr. Baxter. Matthew suggested I be breezy, so I will strive for breezy.

Aha, it seems as if the rain may finally be gone for a few days. Hallelujah! It is supposed to get down to 60 tonight which is very much welcome around these parts.

I spent a considerable amount of time doing school work yesterday. Reading criticisms on Breathless, speech writing, quiz on music in the Renaissance, and lecture on the Baroque period.

I'm extremely happy to report that our Mr. Bill is doing great at Wachovia. It seems as if he had the best month of a rookie ever in Central Florida. Now that says a lot about hard work--he learned it from his dad.

I forgot to mention that I saw my first super-sized Christmas tree on Monday. I was driving to the little market when I passed Dixie Stampede. It is a Dolly Parton attraction and show. Facing the interstate is a tree that I'm guessing is about 50' tall--I was dumbfounded. Could there be a tree before Halloween? From my blog and pictures you would be hard pressed to know that Orlando is one of the top vacation destinations in the world. We've definitely got something for most everyone.

Happy day--Bruce finally gets home this evening.

You Just Never Know